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Beaut-TEA: 5 Ways Tea Can Boost Your Glow

| June 23, 2014
Post by: Theresa Krier Founder | Big T NYC Couture Teas
Post by: Theresa Krier – Founder | Big T NYC Couture Teas

There’s something decidedly summer about having glowy, radiant skin. Who can resist that glow from within? While many people think that gorgeous skin comes from a rigorous skin care routine, the truth is, what you put in your body makes a huge difference. The skin is an outward manifestation of what’s going on internally.

Tea beautifies from the inside out, and helps boost your natural glow in several key ways.

Tell Tale Loose Leaf Tea
Tell Tale Loose Leaf Tea

Here are 5 Ways Tea Can Boost Your Glow!

  • Tea is Anti-­Aging. Green and white teas have high levels of catechins, a potent type of antioxidant that works to neutralize free radicals that can damage and age your skin.

  • Tea Rehydrates Skin. It’s a fact: hydrated skin looks better than dry skin. Studies show that tea hydrates the body as effectively as water with the added benefits of being delicious and full of antioxidants.
  • Tea may Protect against UV Rays. It’s important to limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen to maintain great skin, but recent studies have found that regularly drinking green tea may prevent or even reverse the sun’s effects by providing photoprotection against harmful UV radiation.Tea is fabulous for the skin when used topically as well, so don’t let your used tea leaves go to waste. Try one of these DIY skin remedies:
  • Tea Reduces Under Eye Circles. Not enough beauty sleep last night? No one needs to know….do a tea compress. The tannins in tea help tighten skin and the caffeine shrinks blood vessels to reduce darkness around the eyes. Make your own tea compress by putting used tea leaves in a disposable tea filter and let cool. Apply the damp tea compress over your eyes for 10-­‐15 minutes for bright, radiant eyes.
  • Tea Soothes Skin. Thanks to the combo of caffeine and tannins, tea is a natural choice to speed healing of a variety of skin maladies. Tea can reduce the size of a wart, sty, or mosquito bite, as well as help bruises heal faster and soothe painful sunburns.

    Ready to get glowing?! Try our tell-­‐tale glow organic white tea, a signature couture tea by Big T NYC. Tell-­‐tale glow features premium, loose leaf Bai Mudan white tea, blended with Goji berries, Elderberries, and Zante Currants for a luxurious, antioxidant-­‐packed tea that helps keep you and your skin glowing. Make it twice as strong and pour over ice for the perfect summer treat!

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How do you use tea for beauty? What are your tea rituals? Share your #glowtips below and you could win a beautiful set of teas from Big T NYC including their signature “Tell-Tale Glow”!
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Theresa Grier created Big T NYC, couture tea brand, with a mission to modernize and elevate the traditional tea experience. It all began when, while working backstage at New York Fashion Week. She soon began serving her organic, loose leaf, premium teas at New York fashion events, partnering with designers such as Nanette Lepore and Whitney Pozgay. Big T NYC was formally launched in 2013 and its first customer was The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The tea is sold online at Amazon and Big T NYC. It’s also available at select gourmet grocery stores and coffeeshops. For more information on Big T NYC, including tips to brew the perfect cup of couture tea visit Big T NYC 

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