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Lisa Odenweller owner of BEAMING- a raw juice company based in So Cal

Lisa Odenweller owner of BEAMING- a rawfood & juice company.

Green cuisine is a cornerstone in our lifestyle philosophy but just because you’re eating clean doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on flavor. We discovered a raw food lifestyle program that’s full of all the goodness and packs a punch of flavor, based in Del Mar, California- BEAMING. We love the name because it implies the sensation you feel when you nourish yourself with their organic raw foods and juices. We met with the founder of Beaming Lisa Odenweller to learn more about her booming juice business that brings her pure joy.

BEAMING bowl & juice

BEAMING bowl & juice

What was the inspiration behind Beaming?

Beaming was inspired by the ultimate Beaming queen herself, Kris Carr, after seeing her speak at Marie Forleo’s Rich Hot Happy Live 3 years ago.  Upon hearing her speak and realizing that we all have a responsibliity to take control of our health which begins with what you eat, drink and think, I was inspired to learn more.  As someone who had considered myself extremely active and “healthy”, I began reading everything I could get my hands on about food and food as medicine – realizing that many of the choices I had made for myself and for my family were in fact not good for us.  I had been going through my own hormone and health challenges along with a daughter who had been “diagnosed” with ADD.  By making simple changes in our diet, we were having profound results in how we felt (and looked).  As I learned what I learned, I knew that I now had a responsibility to share this with others.  The question was how.  It became very clear to me that the best way was through experience knowing that people are busy and overwhelmed and would likely not take the time to read and research all that I had to better understand the power we have over our health – beginning with what we eat and drink.  Thus, Beaming was born.  To make “healthy” a delicious addiction that was much more than juice.  Alas, the Beaming Cleanse was born one year after seeing Kris speak as a test market – a raw food cleansing program that included more than juice (I don’t believe in juice cleansing as most are filled with way to much fruit sugar while also starving your body from necessary fiber and nutrients ultimate causing your metabolism to slow and too much stress on your body).  My goal was that people would FEEL so good they would want BEAMING all the time – that they wouldn’t want to stop cleansing because they felt (and looked) so good that they wanted it every day.  And that’s what happened – which led to the opening of the first Beaming retail gourmet superfood cafe in Del Mar in December of 2012, two years after meeting Kris Carr for the first time.

Gorgeous BEAMING juice bar

Gorgeous BEAMING juice bar

What juices might you recommend for moms?

Any and all that you enjoy. I am a mom of three and developed Beaming with kids in mind but especially for the busy Mom wanting to be healthy but not having the time to make deliciously healthy juices & foods.  We have juices with and without fruit but always limit fruit sugar as most juices have too much fruit – we limit our green juices to as little as no fruit to no more than 3/4 apple keeping them low glycemic which helps balance blood sugar levels while getting all your greens.

What are your 3 most popular dishes? 

Our Superfood Smoothies with our Beaming Superfood Plant Protein blend are our most popular items as they truly are the best smoothies around that are also good for you.  As for our foods, we make delicious salads and raw foods.  Its a toss up for what our most popular dishes are but maybe our Caeser Kale salad with a Beaming Cashew sauce, fennel, goji berries, hemp seeds and fennel along with our maple walnuts.  Our raw lasagna is insanely delicous and balanced without all the extra fat and calories like other raw lasagnas can be.  And our coconut ceviche is divine.

BEAMING Seasonal Salad

BEAMING Seasonal Salad

What are some of your go-to-snacks for travel and busy people on the go? 

The Beaming Superfood bite has been referred to as the “crack bite” because it tastes so good and is  good for you.  I believe we sent you some samples and would love to hear what you thought!!! With over 30 superfoods including the Beaming Plant protein blend with greens, sunflower seeds, pepitas, hemp seeds, goji berries, almond butter, coconut butter and a ton of other superfoods, it has 5g of protein and 130 calories.   Also, our new superfood gluten and dairy free baked breads and cookies have also become quite a hit made with superfood protein packed non gluten flours such as almond, buckwheat, chia and flax powder along with our Beaming protein powder, it doesn’t have potato and tapioca starch like most gluten free breads so you get tons of protein and omegas.  I love breakfast breads and wanted to create a healthier version that taste delicious without the guilt or empty calories.

BEAMING rainbow juices

BEAMING rainbow juices

People can purchase your products online and your cleanse ships nationwide? 

We are just staring to ship our cleanses nationwide.  Because our cleanse programs include more than juice, it is more complicated to ship and each day the menu rotates so you don’t eat and drink the same thing every day like all the other cleanses.  The menu includes 2 cold pressed juices, 1 superfood protein smoothie, 1 soup, 1 salad, 1 superfood elixir and a beaming bite.  You can also buy our Superfood Plant Protein and Superfood Smoothie Blend and Smoothie kits online and we will launch our “Beam Weekly” in early April allowing you to order your favorite juices, smoothies, nut milks, protein powder packets, elixirs and snacks online for your weekly stash of healthy yummies.

BEAMING juice & superfood smoothie

BEAMING juice & superfood smoothie

What other superfood goodies do you offer?   

We consider ourselves a “Gourmet Superfood Company” so pretty much everything we make includes superfoods.There are so many amazing superfoods with incredible health benefits – my hope is to take the confusion and mystery out of superfoods and make them part of your every day lifestyle.  We have superfood love brittle with cashews, cacao, maca, damiana and other libido and energy boosting superfoods as well as the Beaming bite I mentioned earlier, flax crackers, kale chips, superfood energy bites and our smoothies are loaded with superfoods.  It is so fun to play with these incredible foods and come up with unique, innovative ways to create delicious foods, juices, snacks and smoothies that people of all ages love – even if they don’t understand what’s in it, they come back for more because they love the taste but also because they feel so good when they consume our goodies.

BEAMING superfood powder packets!

BEAMING superfood powder packets!

 You all offer various cleanses- tell us about your cleanses and how they work. 

We have a different approach to cleansing that includes food – not just juice!  Juice-only cleanses often leave people ready to run for beer and pizza and really don’t teach anything but starving your body for a few days.  Each of our cleanses include juices, superfood protein smoothies, soups, salads, snacks and superfood elixirs;  Better yet, then menu changes every day so you get a variety of delicious items while you are cleansing as opposed to having to drink or eat the same thing every day.   Everything comes numbered and with detailed instructions.  You actually don’t have to do anything but follow the instructions to eat or drink one of the delicious items every 2-3 hours.  The menu for our signature cleanse was developed with me and one of the top cleansing experts and holistic chefs in the country, Adina Niemerow.   Our goal was to create a program that was delicious, fulfilling and low glycemic to balance blood sugar levels throughout the day.  We have just launched 3 new cleanse programs – each designed to meet the different needs and desires of our customers:  Our signature lifestyle cleanse with 1200-1500 calories each day, our “Lean Cleanse” with 1100-1300 calories and our Performance / Athlete Cleanse with 1700-1900 calories / day with the option to add more.   All are available in 1, 3 or 4 day options with the ability to add on days.  For shipping, we offer our 3 day program to allow for maximum freshness but you can always add on days to the program as needed.   our customers rave about their experience and how easy it is to cleanse with us because they are not starved and how delicious everything is.

Trio of BEAMING green juices

Trio of BEAMING green juices

What are your top 3 cleanse tips for first timers?  

We have a slightly different philosophy of cleansing, which is more about rejuvenating than actually “cleansing” which your body does naturally.  What we can all benefit from, however, is:

1. Removing the foods that cause inflammation and are not serving us – sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and meat for a short period of time to allow your body to heal.  For first time cleansers, I encourage people to think twice about starving yourself and really look at choosing a program that is more about long term health than short term weight loss.

2. Weaning yourself from alcohol, sugar and caffeine which will cause the most “detox” symptoms such as headaches, body aches and crankiness.   Not all people experience this but those that consume a lot of coffee and caffeine tend to struggle more than those that don’t.  It takes about 3 days to get off a coffee addiction so you set yourself up for success if you are able to wean off it prior to your cleanse. Remember, the purpose of the cleanse is to reduce inflammation and to create the optimal state of health to allow your body to heal and thrive so caffeine is not ideal during a cleanse.

3. Remember why you chose to cleanse in the first place.  For some, cleansing is a breeze.  For others it can be a struggle.  But for a few days, we can all commit to something, especially knowing when you are treating your body well and when it is over, you will likely feel (and look) amazing.  Making it well worth the effort.  And if you choose a program that is low glycemic and includes food, you will have set yourself up for success long after the cleanse is over.

BEAMING Cleanse program

BEAMING Cleanse program ships nationwide

What’s next for Beaming?  

We are so excited to be opening 3-4 more Beaming locations this year with at least two in LA and one more in San Diego.  As well as expanding our online store and superfood products.  Needless to say we have a very busy 2014 ahead.

Anything else you want to share?  

We love sharing our passion for what we do and inspiring people to make simple changes that have a huge effect on their health (while making it delicious.  My personal goal was to really help people realize that we have more control over our health than we think we do and it starts with what we eat and drink.  I love hearing from our customers every day about how good they feel and/or what they have learned and the changes they are making in their dietary choices.  Baby steps – it all adds up and my team and I love nothing more than knowing we are making a difference.


For more info please visit BEAMING 

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