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Baby-Makers: Interview with the Creators of PregPrep Fertility Kit

| April 7, 2014
Marjorie Goldner & Lara Oboler, MD-founders of PregPrep
Marjorie Goldner & Lara Oboler, MD-founders of PregPrep

As a maternity lifestyle expert and founder of Mama Glow, I work with so many women who are looking to become pregnant. I meet women who have been told they could never have babies, and I watch them conceive after implementing health supportive lifestyle changes. I love products that help empower couples along their fertility and parenting journey and was so happy to connect with the two mamas who developed Preg Prep, a natural physician formulated pre-pregnancy kit that promotes fertility. This kit was designed by Lara Oboler, MD and Marjorie Goldner- two friends who both wanted to get pregnant and took matters in their own hands.

What sparked your inspiration to create PregPrep?

Dr. Lara Oboler, cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, conceived the idea for PregPrep 9 years ago, when she was having trouble getting pregnant. She was in my mid 30s and had been trying for six months. Lara had booked an appointment with an infertility specialist when she read a fertility book suggesting that for the 5 days leading up to ovulation, women should take a mucolytic (which can be found in some cough syrups). Mucolytics are substances that thin out bodily secretions. The logic of using a mucolytic was explained: just as a mucolytic thins out the mucus in your lungs, it also thins the cervical mucus (making it less sticky,) which makes it easier for the sperm to swim to the egg.

As a physician, Lara thought, “Ok, this makes medical sense”. So she took a mucolytic the following month for the 5 days leading up to her ovulation and found out she was pregnant while sitting in the infertility specialist’s office for her first (and only) visit.

During that embarrassing appointment, the doctor told her they prescribe mucolytics all the time. How could it be that I was a medical doctor and a woman desperately trying to get pregnant and had never heard of this? That was her “aha” moment.
Lara’s next two children were conceived first try, with the help of a mucolytic. (she was 40 years old when she conceived her 3rd child).

Interestingly enough, most women have never heard of this concept. It was then we realized that we wanted to do something to help women who wanted to improve their chances of getting pregnant without serious medical intervention. Trying to get pregnant can be an anxiety provoking experience. We wanted to take some of that anxiety out of the equation by empowering women to take control of their conception journey. We are giving them the tools to be proactive and put good things in their body while they are trying to conceive. Every ingredient and product in our MTB kit can only help a women and her baby.


Can you speak about the difference between PregPrep and prenatal vitamins? What makes the product so effective, how does it work?

Make That Baby is an amazing, natural fertility kit to help you take charge of your conception. It offers a 2 month supply of 3 natural, doctor-formulated products that target your most fertile days and provide key support to optimize your chances for pregnancy. Included is a bolstered, natural mucolytic and antioxidant (which works to facilitate successful transport of sperm to egg), a unique streamlined prenatal vitamin that melts easily on the tongue, and a select blend of aromatherapeutic oils to encourage overall well-being during the conception journey.

PregPrep’s VitaMelts are unique. They focus on providing women with the essentials they need pre-pregnancy. Conventional prenatal vitamins are used pre, during, and post pregnancy. And because of that, typical prenatal vitamins end up being incredibly large and difficult to swallow. They also commonly cause nausea and constipation. Our VitaMelt is streamlined, with only the essentials of what you need before getting pregnant, including Folic Acid, Vitamin D and B12. They are small, pleasant tasting, melt on your tongue, and cause no unpleasant side effects.

PregPrep’s FertilPrep is a physician-formulated capsule that targets your 5 most fertile days (the 5 days leading up to ovulation) to optimize your fertility. FertilPrep thins your cervical mucus to help transport the sperm to egg. It contains N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), which is a naturally occuring substance found in our bodies. NAC is also widely used by doctors and hospitals as a mucolytic – which thins out mucus in the lungs. The rest of the ingredients in FertilPrep are a blend of natural supplements (chaste berry extract, evening primrose oil) all of which are incredibly safe and work together to ensure hormonal balance and support.

What are your GLOW tips for mamas and women hoping to conceive?

We’ve always acknowledged that no matter how well designed, effective or innovative a fertility product is, nothing is more powerful than maximizing one’s overall health and wellbeing through personal life choices. We encourage a total approach to fertility, one that doesn’t just fit neatly in a bottle on the shelf. Our lifestyle tips for fertility are likely right in line with what you advocate for your MamaGlow clients and readers:

Nurture with Nature: Women should become informed about how the nutrients found in certain foods can promote optimal fertility and health (and how others can actually impede fertility). Even achieving a healthy weight was recently shown to have a positive effect on conception success.

Find Your Rhythm: It is important for women to get a good sense of their monthly cycle and physical cues that signal ovulation to have the best odds for success. But there is another kind of rhythm that is equally important to consider: the rhythm and balance of one’s personal life. Achieving a blend of work and play that maximizes satisfaction and minimizes stress can have a huge impact on all the body’s functions, including the reproductive system.

Take The Wheel: Our philosophy is: “Good things come to those who go out there and make them happen”. Our Make That Baby (MTB) kit was designed to allow women to take charge of their conception by harnessing the benefits of key nutrients at the right time. Women have a tremendous power to shape their destiny by being proactive with their health choices. And it’s not about feeling pressure to adhere to an exercise regimen or diet. It’s about being good to yourself, taking responsibility for and reveling in, the things that bring you joy.

As mothers and entrepreneuers, what was your biggest challenge in developing PregPrep?

Our biggest challenge in developing PregPrep was finding the time!! Lara works in private practice, and I had three small children and a small marketing Company. So we made PregPrep a family affair and brought on our cousin, Molly, and other sister in law, Diana, to take on key roles in the Company. I fazed out my Company and now that the kiddies are all in school full time, we can dedicate our days to growing this business and helping women achieve their dreams of conception.

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