The AstroTwins Weekly MOMstrology Scope: June 30-July 6


Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the new Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below. 

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope: 


Your parents are driving you crazy! Wait, why do you care? You’re an adult. Yet, isn’t it fascinating how you can let them get under your skin? How you can go from feeling like a confident mom (or mature pregnant woman) to an angst-ridden teenager within minutes? What’s WITH that? This week ancient history with your mom and dad could surface. That’s because the Sun is in Cancer, your fourth house family, but directly opposite Pluto in Capricorn, your tenth house of long-term plans, structure and maturity. This planetary power pull can create more intense feelings than usual. Watch for them to be most pronounced on Friday, the July 4 holiday if you live in the U.S. Great timing, right? Yeah, we know. So if you hear “you can’t go out with that boy!” in your father’s tone when he’s simply asking your child not play with wood for the fire pit, take a deep breath before you flip out. Think before you speak. And before you even get to the family barbecue, think about your relationship with your father and what unresolved feelings could be triggered. It’s better to play them out in your head than in front of your extended family. Who knows, maybe there’s something bigger going on with your father and he’s not able to articulate it. Or, if your father is no longer alive, maybe you’ll be feeling melancholy about an unresolved issue, guilt, or regret. How does it make you feel? It’s a good time to explore it, with a trusted friend or family member or maybe a therapist. Steer clear of anyone who tries to talk you out of the feelings “oh he knew how you felt” or some malarkey. Your feelings are real, so sit with them, and someone who can hold the space. For a lot of moms, there can be resentment if you gave up work to raise a family. Or you could be feeling super stressed about juggling family time and enjoying the holiday when you are obsessing about responsibilities. You might feel like you’re repeating your own parents’ relationship and dynamics now that you’re a parent! These are not light topics, but don’t shoo them away. Just remember, the intensity will pass…and there’s no chance you’ll get grounded for pushing your dad’s buttons. The Sun rules ego and Pluto rules transformation—so put on your big-girl pants and use this planetary pull as an opportunity to do the work that WILL help you move forward.


Seeing red, Taurus? This week you’ll want to try hard to tame your inner bull. The Sun is in Cancer, your third house of communication, which would be fine if a matador wasn’t waving a red flag opposite you—in this case, Pluto, which is in Capricorn, your ninth house of morals and ethics. This opposite pull could cause you to feel intense paranoia, in particular on Friday, which is the July 4 holiday in the U.S. Conflict is in your mindset and communication. You might find blunt remarks rolling easily off your tongue, or outspoken things from an unaware place. Do yourself a favor and skim these quick tips on biting your tongue en route to a gathering. If you’re a mom, you might already be giving people enough material to look sideways at you, thanks to your unpredictable (and hello, totally normal) children. Or if you’re pregnant, maybe you’ll feel judging eyes on you as you grab your third or fourth pickle. Not that you should care, but you might today, as the stars put you in a sensitive state. And can you imagine the regret if you freaked out on someone about pickles? Sure you could blame the pregnancy hormones, but there’s so much more going on here. The Sun rules our sense of self and Pluto rules the unconscious. Being mindful of this powerful planetary pull in two directions will prevent you from exploding at the slightest thing (um, like pickles). What else is going on? The ninth house also rules higher learning, and with Pluto planted there, it may be masking some deep feelings you have about wanting to go back to school, or finding a way to enhance your skillset maybe through some online courses. If you’re not back to work yet, you could be feeling especially vulnerable in this area—trying to figure out what your next move is. It certainly doesn’t help to have a parade of people asking you about it, like they might at a holiday gathering. Remember they’re well-intentioned, and probably aren’t cross-examining you—even if it feels that way. If you don’t feel like getting into it, change the subject (here are five ideas for how to do it) so instead of getting all DeNiro in “Taxi Driver” (ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!), you can just watch your words and your temper, and keep things pleasant. The ninth house also highlights travel. Maybe a change of scenery and a new cast of characters (like fellow travelers) are what you need. Flip through travel books and sites to help channel some of your energy this week. Put some itineraries in Hipmunk to get updates on fares for when you’re ready to book.


Another date night on the couch blowing through the DVR queue isn’t going to cut it, Gemini—and you know it. But with the Sun in Cancer, your second house of routine and money, playing tug-o-war with Pluto in Capricorn, your eighth house of sex and intimacy, it’s no wonder you’ve been trading your love life for the TV. You’ve been obsessed with financial and practical matters and it’s been clouding your love life! But you’re too hot-to-trot for a sedentary lifestyle, Gemini. On Friday, the July 4 holiday in the U.S., this struggle will feel most pronounced. For starters, you need to book a sitter or convince the grandparents to take the kids for the weekend, so you can reconnect with your partner and yourself, truly. When was the last time you felt sexy? Put on a new summer dress for your date instead of your go-to outfit of jeans and t-shirt, or whatever your mom uniform has become. Here are nearly 50 under $50 to consider. Resolve not to talk about anything too touchy related to the household balance sheets—this isn’t the right time to ask your partner why he’s on auto-payments for the expensive gym he’s not been to in six months. Take the lighter mood back home to the bedroom, or mix it up with a tryst at a local hotel to REALLY abandon the reminders of home. This week is a reminder of what you need to do to balance time spent on your daily routine with downtime for spiritual and emotional bonding. Add up the hours you spend on grocery shopping, chores, homework, or prepping for baby. What’s left over for spiritual and emotional bonding? If it’s next to nothing, resolve to change it before you explode. Could you be experiencing some postpartum depression? Not to overdramatize how you may be feeling this week, but with the powerful opposition of the bold Sun and plumb-the-depths Pluto, there could there be more going on. Are you trying hard to convince everyone you’ve got it together when in fact you…don’t? The second house also puts a focus on surface appearance and status. Motherhood isn’t a competition for who can endure the most and come out on top—no one truly does it all! While you’re thinking about your partner’s unused gym membership, remember to balance your own spending, especially if you’re partaking in some retail therapy to avoid the deep feelings about motherhood changing your life.


I’m fine, thanks. No, wait! I’m not fine! Why did I say that? Yeah, Cancer, it’s probably a place you find yourself in from time to time, ye accommodating Crab. But more than ever, you need to assert yourself if others have been taking advantage of your good nature. And really, who hasn’t beenlately? While the Sun continues its stay in your sign, your first house of new beginnings, intense Pluto is in your seventh house of relationships. The Sun rules your identity and Pluto rules the unconscious, and this bipolar planetary scenario may become the most electrified for you on Friday. In the U.S., that’s Independence Day, so brace for your own personal fireworks show if you don’t work hard to keep the lid on the pressure cooker (you!). And this isn’t one of those times you can ignore it and wish it away (we know some Cancers that do that!). Quite the opposite is true: met head-on, this could be a chance for you to find your voice. Just don’t forget that you may have played a role in creating the very dynamic that is now building pressure. Are people really trying to dominate you? Is your partner taking you for granted? Maybe you just feel that way. Or, could you be projecting a bunch of baggage onto them? Be careful before you set off pyrotechnics to rival the city’s firework display. And not just with your partner—you may find you need to be more assertive in other relationships, such as the one with your doctor, doula or your children’s caregiver. If you’re pregnant and you come home with more questions than you went to your appointment with, pick up the phone (instead of consulting Dr. Google. If you’re a parent and you got your child’s teacher assignment and it’s not sitting right with you, don’t sit with it—place a call to at least have a conversation. If all the women in book club say Thursday night works for them but it’s the absolute worst night of the week to try to get out of the house, say something. They may have no idea and think nothing of moving it to another night. When you feel your inner thermometer rising this week, instead of letting the needle max out, think about the (perceived?) problem in a new way. How can it be solved? Chances are very good there’s a simple answer waiting. And then you really can say, “I’m doing fine, thanks” and mean it!


Is it a challenge just to walk out of the house? And not because your toddler can’t find his other shoe or you forgot to put diapers in the diaper bag. Are you thinking of all the things you can accomplish even with no time to spare? Just one more thing…emptying the dishwasher will take just a minute, then I can put in the dirty stuff from the sink. Just one more thing…if I get this load of laundry in the washer it’ll be ready for the dryer when we get back. Just one more thing… I could stretch the baby this afternoon and stop at a few more stores, he won’t melt down, will he? Leo, you need to chill. Unless your “just one more thing” includes five minutes of meditation, it’s just not worth it. The Sun is in Cancer, your twelfth house of endings, and technically you’d be best off resting (or taking it easy if you’re expecting) but we know that’s not entirely realistic. But this week, power-monger Pluto is directly opposite the Sun in Capricorn, your sixth house of health. This planetary combo is like burning a candle at both ends. You need to take a break, but can’t stop yourself from obsessively doing, fixing, micromanaging. Everyone is probably noticing too. Are you slipping coasters underneath a guest’s water glass as she sets it down? Stepping into decisions your older children are able to make on their own? You need to self-regulate and deal with what’s going on behind those control issues that are flaring up. There’s a reason everything and everyone is getting on your nerves. So what’s really going on, Leo? One of your sign’s challenges is directing too much energy, and this week you could be coming off as downright scary to those around you. The twelfth house reminds us to take a deep breath and reflect inward. Perhaps there’s something that you haven’t wanted to deal with. On Friday, which is the July 4 holiday in the U.S., these feelings could really flood you, maybe even cause you to feel melancholy. Watch for them and you can work on understanding them. And you can avoid any regrets, like in a weepy and vulnerable state, or tipsy-texting an old flame you recently friended on Facebook. While you’re working on you (the Sun rules our identity), think about what you’re giving and why. Do you really need to host the huge family picnic when you have a newborn? Do you really need to join the PTA so you can keep tabs on your daughter in kindergarten? Letting go of whatever has a hold on you will most likely help you let go of things that are just not that important or that you don’t really need to micromanage (your daughter is probably going to be just fine without your hand in every detail at school!). Get back your freedom in mind, body, spirit, and TIME.


Who resigned and made you president of the drama club, Virgo? Friends might be asking you for your Academy Award acceptance speech, especially at any gatherings for the July 4 holiday if you live in the U.S. (tap microphone). Why not live up to their expectations and have something jotted down on a notecard? We kid…but while the expressive Sun is still in Cancer, your eleventh house of friends, shadowy Pluto is parked in Capricorn, your fifth house of passion. This combo is like forcing a smile after Botox, and you’ll be feeling that resulting tension. This could manifest into something wonderful, like the upside down Spiderman kiss. Or less wonderful, like pretty much any Lifetime movie you’ve ever watched (’til the glorious last five minutes of vindication!). Whatever it’s going to be for you, it’s going to be big. So a word of caution: don’t invite button-pushing friends into your life this week, especially to gatherings. You don’t need their drama on top of your own. You know the friends: the ones who say something that seems benign until you consider it—usually later when you imagine the BEST comeback. “Oh, you’re so lucky to be able to stay home to take care of your children”—when in fact you are barely making ends meet. “Oh, your son really needs a playmate!” after you’ve told her that you’re not considering having more than one child. Basically, avoid anyone passive-aggressive who gets under your skin. If you’re throwing a birthday party for a child, ditch the duty-call of inviting the whole class (and relish in the fact that it’s summer break and they’re less likely to accost you about a “lost” invite). If you’re invited to a party and not in charge of the guest list, either avoid the ones where you know these frenemies will be, or pad yourself with pals for safety in numbers. It wouldn’t be too crazy to develop a secret word for alerting them to an SOS during barbecue small talk. Or having a visual cue that you need a save, like an old sorority rush trick of crossing your fingers behind your back. And remember, you’re a mom now, or going to be one soon, and it’s time to weed out the “adult children” who zap your energy anyway. Or at least learn how to deal with them instead of letting them get you down. You’re becoming more aware than ever of who they are and wonder why you never saw it before.


Got your mind on your mommy and your mommy on your mind? This week you may experience mother issues come up, seemingly out of nowhere. Whoa, you didn’t expect to be worrying about your mom when you have a looong list of other things to fret about, namely, being a mom or becoming one! But you may feel yourself caught in some dynamic between you and your mom, or a pattern involving your parents. The expressive Sun is in Cancer, your tenth house of long-term plans and maturity, and it’s drawn a line in the sand across from crisis-junkie Pluto in Capricorn, your fourth house of family and motherhood. This will cause differences to be exaggerated. If you’ve thought “I’m not anything like my mom,” maybe it’s true—or maybe you realize it’s not and that’s freaking you out! Now that you’re a mother (or almost one), have you found yourself wondering about how your own mom parented you? Or if you’re expecting, are you worried you could become your mother? Or maybe you worry you won’t be like her, because she totally rocked (lucky you!). But for some women, it bums them out to know that, for example, their moms didn’t even try to breastfeed. Or they gave up their careers to raise kids and you think that was foolish. Try not to judge. First, it was a different time. As moms today, we have choices that our own mothers didn’t even have the luxury to consider. But if your mom didn’t nurture you the way you are nurturing (or want to nurture) your own children, don’t get mad—move on. You can do this with the help of a therapist if it’s intense for you. Or you can use the week to muse about it in your mind. The feelings may be particularly intense on Friday, the July 4 holiday in the States. Watch who you share things with at mixed-company gatherings. You can expect to be in a fragile mindset and you may regret sharing emotional memories with your partner’s coworker. Also watch that a female relative (not your mom, necessarily) could push your buttons, making you self-doubting. You walk into the barbecue feeling confident and proud—and she could seem to hone in psychically and try to take you down. Put up your psychic shield! In addition, you may be struggling with the intense changes of motherhood and a struggle to keep to your old routines and structures (thanks to the tenth house pull). Focus on yourself and finding your own peace in knowing you can’t do it all but can find peace in what you are doing.


Open mouth, insert flip-flop. Watch your words this week, Scorpio, and take pains to say what you mean and mean what you say. And, while you’re at it, speak less often. The outgoing Sun is in Cancer, your ninth house of higher learning, but compulsive Pluto is in Capricorn, your third house of communication, and the two are locked in quite a battle. It’s like you’re wearing a Birkenstock on one foot and a stiletto on the other. It could get downright awkward for you this week, especially on Friday, July 4—not-so perfect timing for weekend holiday gatherings if you live in the States. An offhand or sarcastic remark could leave you stewing and contemplating retaliation (we know you can go there, Scorpio, but should you?). How about trying to avoid controversial topics at gatherings? Be especially careful at family parties, because you won’t be able to hold your opinions back when someone makes a politically incendiary or culturally insensitive comment. Who still talks about these taboo topics? Oh yeah, Uncle So-and-So who assumes everyone leans his way politically. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could block people in real life like you can on Facebook? Avoid stirring the pot yourself, too. Just as you don’t populate your newsfeed with jokes about the government, nor should you pop one in person over a mocktail, even if Obamacare has changed your prenatal care options. (Here are 10 graceful comebacks for common zings!) Also, don’t let a needy friend guilt you into giving up your well-deserved fun or leech onto plans. If you weren’t thinking about inviting your vegan friend to the pig roast, don’t! If you weren’t thinking of sharing a ride to the party, don’t! If you’ve got kids, you’ve got a built-in excuse—Cheerios all over the seats. If you’re expecting, even better—you need to push the seat wayyy back in the car and make frequent bathroom and snack stops. Wait, that last excuse might not work so well. You’ll figure it out. One thing you don’t lack is creativity, Scorpio. Just remember, less time around some people will actually be good for both of you, even if they don’t know it! The ninth house also rules travel, so perhaps there’s an opportunity in the near future for you to get away. Maybe a friend who lives within easy driving distance has reached out about a possible get-together. Before you say “maybe another time,” consider it. Having a trip to look forward to may help you get through the grind for now. If you’re pregnant, there’s no better time to plan that babymoon!


You CAN have nice things, Sag! If you grew up in a different financial situation than you have now, it can be hard to shake the feeling that you don’t deserve what you’ve got, especially if it’s more than what your parents had. Where are those feelings of guilt coming from? If your parents got wide-eyed when you told them what you were offered for your first job after graduation, chances are they felt a mixture of pride but also a tinge of jealousy or shame, and it has grown as you’ve advanced and become more successful. Or maybe you’re imagining it and projecting that. If not, it’s completely natural for them to feel this way, and you’re not responsible for their feelings. You’re responsible for your own! If you feel guilty about it, the mental energy you’re spending probably isn’t worth it. So what’s going on to intensify these feelings? The glamorous Sun is in Cancer, which rules your eighth house of intimacy and wealth. And probing Pluto is at a point exactly across from the Sun, in Capricorn, your second house of money and material security. This planetary teeter-totter is sure to draw out some deep inner baggage for you. Come Friday, you’re not likely to have the willpower to leave that baggage spinning on the carousel; you’ve gotta pick it up. Luckily, there are ways to manage. If you’re having money stress related to what your work situation is with kids (or what it will be like after you give birth), could it be rooted in old childhood scarcity fears? One part of you is craving more financial security, but are you working “harder, not smarter?” Look into the underlying emotions behind your desire to have more, more, more, or to create material stability. Are you trying to compensate for not feeling safe during your own childhood, or to protect your own kids against the harshness of life? We know one mom who works full-time but doesn’t have to because of her husband’s substantial salary, but she works to save as much money as possible because her parents lost their fortune. She’ll be damned if she’s going to let that happen to her and her daughter! To her it makes sense, but it is extreme—she’s doing it at the expense of spending time with her daughter, which she desperately wants, too. So there’s guilt. And anger. And there’s danger in passing on those feelings. So understand where your feelings are coming from, try to explore them, and be realistic about how you’re handling them.


Are your relationships 50-50? Think about them. What do the ratios look like, if you were to assign percentages? This exercise may seem tedious (or maybe fun, Capricorn, since we know you love details) but it will be helpful in realizing how much of yourself has been lost. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Not surprising. You’re so busy taking care of others that you may have forgotten to take care of yourself. This can be especially true if you are a new mom. Are you pulling all the weight with the baby? Did you agree to do all the night feedings during maternity leave but somehow your partner hasn’t picked up any since you went back to work? It does no good to seethe. Say something! This week, the radiant Sun is still in Cancer, your seventh house of relationships, but intense Pluto is in your sign, which rules your first house of new beginnings. These two cosmic forces are also directly opposite each other now, too. So while this polar opposite line-up is creating tension and surfacing emotionally-charged feelings, you’re going to be able to do something about it. It’s the “straw that broke the camel’s back” type ofstuff. By Friday, the July 4 holiday in the U.S., you’ll feel pushed to remember who YOU are and what you want, beyond your duty to others. This could bring up anxiety along with buried anger if you realize you’ve sacrificed too much. It’s time to recalibrate, but don’t burn bridges or unleash a storehouse of resentment onto others. It’s possible your partner thought you wanted to do all the feedings (yeah, we know that’s a stretch, but it’s possible). Talk it out at the right time—maybe not at 2:30 a.m. when the baby is crying to be fed. While you’re on the subject of imbalanced duties, bring up some others. Heck, if you have a list, go down it. Unresolved issues will just fester and become deep-seated if they aren’t addressed. Nothing stresses a relationship more than a baby, if only because you are trying to figure everything out, together, all at once, when nothing seems to make sense. If you have children, this is an opportunity for you and your partner or your caregivers to get on the same page. If something the nanny has been doing is bugging you, get it out into the open. If you’re expecting, try not to stress so much but communicate with your partner what’s upsetting you. Transparency and communication are essential to happiness and for restoring balance where you want relationships to be more on an even keel.


Reach for the phone, not another cookie, Aquarius. You need to get organized and want to pay attention to your health, but you may be feeling pulled by someone’s passive-aggressive demands…or a giant chocolate chip cookie that’s masking your anger and frustration. The energetic Sun is in Cancer, your sixth house of health and fitness. But it’s competing with power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn, your twelfth house of endings and sacrifice. You may literally be feeling starts and stops in everything you do related to your well-being, and now you know why. Did you have the best intentions this morning to get to kickboxing or prenatal yoga? You may even have dressed the part and got yourself to the car, but when you got to the studio, you just couldn’t go in. If you drove yourself anyplace other than a bakery, go you! Seriously, there are powerful forces at work here. And by Friday, July 4 (a holiday weekend in the U.S.), you might feel like a volcano about to erupt. This push-pull dynamic will subside, but while you’re stuck in the spin cycle, maybe there’s some work you can do? If you pick up the phone instead of that cookie, you could call a non-judgmental friend, or make an appointment with a therapist. What you’re experiencing may in fact be old, unconscious guilt. It could be the number-one obstacle to your goals and plans. If you’re pregnant or mom to a newborn, maybe you’ve not yet bonded with your baby and you’re panicked about it (mythbuster: it’s not always automatic). Maybe you’re worried you won’t be liked if you don’t do what people want, or what you think is expected of you. Are you delaying your maternity leave or cutting it short because your boss is making you feel guilty about how hard it is at work without you? Are you going back to work because your partner has made you feel guilty about money while you’ve not been earning your full salary? It’s possible you’re feeling the shade they’re throwing in your direction, but how much of it are you imagining? With the Sun-Pluto opposition, you’ll feel the effect of being a doormat or a people-pleaser more than ever. It’s in those messy piles—your unused gym membership, the junk food you reach for when emotionally stressed, the things you do out of guilt instead of desire that leave you stuffed with resentment. That’s why it’s a good time for therapy, for healing, and surrounding yourself with loved ones (and even strangers, like at a support group) who will listen to you and not make these feelings harder to sort out.


We’d like to think we’ve moved on from high school, but some people really make us feel like we’re still there, don’t they? This week the over-the-top Sun continues its party in Cancer, your fifth house of romance and play. But it’s a World Cup opponent to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of groups and friends. This match wants to end with a winner and a loser. You want to play, have fun, celebrate the summer and July 4 if you’re in the U.S. The Sun-Pluto opposition could stir up intense group dynamics for you. Don’t get all caught up in who likes who, who’s not speaking, and playing moderator to drama-addicted friends. Let them work it out themselves. And if they don’t? Not your circus, not your monkeys, to twist the proverb. If you have kids in camp or of school age, you might find yourself having to deal with bullying or exclusion. Nothing can be more heart-wrenching or dredge up these feelings of your own from childhood. It could be time to teach them a lesson in confidence (and to model it yourself)—after, of course, you’ve let the counselors or teachers know about the situation. (We think the California department of education has a pretty awesome web site with answers to a ton of questions about bullying). If you’ve gotten caught up in the drama of new motherhood, you might be resisting joining that support group, but push past your unconscious fears and just go. Getting there is usually the hardest part, but it’s going to feel so good. And if it doesn’t, then you’ll know next time not to go—but with the knowledge that you gave it a fair chance. This isn’t high school, and even if some people are still cliquey, real live adults DO outgrow that stuff at some point. Sure it’s fun to gossip a little about the mom at school you saw flirt with that dad. Or the mom you saw pushing a stroller in four-inch heels. But that’s the fun stuff that keeps us feeling normal. The kind of high school drama you HAVE aged out of is that awful stuff of excluding, ignoring, or being intentionally hurtful—so find a way to avoid the Grown Up Mean Girls.

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