The AstroTwins Weekly MOMstrology Scope: June 23rd-29th


Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the new Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below. 

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope:

June 23rd – June 29th


Which TV mom are you most like, Aries? While the Sun continues to reign in Cancer, your fourth house of home, your urge to nurture and nest will remain steadfast. Until July 22, maybe you’ll want to show the world that you can be mom and have a big job outside the home, a la Clair Huxtable, or you’re super-sweet to your kids 24/7, a la Carol Brady. The point is: you’re the Queen Bee (Roseanne?) and you’re going to make sure everyone is taken care of (and happy! Donna Reed?). Who knows, maybe you’ll find your own parenting style that can’t be characterized by the small screen. Or you’ll discover you’re Betty Draper and want to revise your style (and do some soul searching?). Intuition is a benefit of the fourth house—so you will not have to work hard at the nurturing thing. In fact, being sentimental comes pretty naturally and could surprise you now. How about playing hostess? Instead of enjoying your family all to yourself, you could invite relatives over for a barbecue or make sure the loved ones within driving distance have an invitation to your daughter’s recital. If you’re pregnant, you may want some QT with your own mom, a special aunt, or an older female mentor, to pick her brain about parenting topics—and maybe even to confide some fears you’re having about impending motherhood. On Friday, June 27, there’s also a new moon in Cancer. It forms what we call a Grand Trine (a three-way angle) with creative Neptune and structured Saturn. So your nurturing and nesting is going to get an even bigger boost, if you can imagine. Just be mindful not to smother your kids—work on giving them space, no matter what stage they’re in. If they’re just learning to walk, let them fall. If they’re going to camp, don’t drill them for a play-by-play when they get home. If they’re getting ready for college, practice lengthening the leash on things like curfew. Load up on some home decorating magazines, too. You’ll probably find yourself in the mood to shop for treasures to make your home more cozy, like these inexpensive ones. If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to scour nursery decorating ideas (a straight up Pooh theme is just too boring, isn’t it?)—check out some fresh ideas on Better Homes & Gardens.


Kale and bacon go together, right? What other farmers’ market finds can you combine with comfort foods? You’ll probably want to explore mixing it up in the kitchen (and elsewhere in your life) while the Sun continues to hang out in Cancer, in your third house of community. Did you ever sign up for that CSA?  Or maybe you’re inspired by what’s on the menu at a new farm-to-table restaurant. You may be taking this eat/shop local thing very seriously, especially starting Friday as a new moon in Cancer forms a Grand Trine with crafty Neptune and disciplined Saturn. Your connection to community gets a boost with this charmed triangle. Maybe in addition to hitting the farmers’ market you’ll want to hook up with a park conservancy to help beautify some local green space, and bring the kids along with you to help. Or you’ll see if there’s a late-season opening in a community garden and try your hand at growing some tomatoes with the help of some gardening experts—or kale. The third house also rules communication, so if you’ve been researching smartphones and educational iPad apps, this is a good time to take the plunge. If you’ve been thinking about taking an online class after work or while the kids are at camp, registering now is in your favor. The third house also rules transportation, and maybe you’re ready to shop for something a little more substantial, like some new wheels. Is your car suitable for your growing family? A minivan isn’t required, but at least comparison-shop for car seats and strollers. Or maybe you all need bike upgrades to pedal around town to all your new local haunts. Don’t forget a bike rack for your new car so you can find state parks with easy trails for all your skill levels—and one of these adorable bike baskets, too.


Can saving be as fun as spending? You’re in a great frame of mind to find out, Gemini, as the Sun continues to lounge in Cancer, which rules your second house of money. It’s probably good to give your wallet a rest, since you may have found yourself queued in a few more checkout lanes lately. Seasonal purchases…right? No one can expect you to go without a few new things! The second house leans toward luxe—so forget buyer’s remorse about that statement ring you splurged on and just enjoy the well-deserved gift. Call it a push present, even if it comes before your delivery date. Until July 22, though, you’re more likely to want to see how much you can save vs. how much you can spend. A sudden cash windfall or unexpected funds, such as money that was earmarked for something that’s no longer needed could add momentum to your newfound love of feeding a piggy bank instead of feeding your retail therapy habit (even if you’re stocking up on onesies and mobiles). On Friday, a new moon arrives in Cancer, forming a Grand Trine—a three-way angle—with manifestor Neptune and buttoned-up Saturn. Your financial prowess is going to get a payday. Take advantage of this lucky triangle to check in on your nest egg and make modifications. Go over your 401(k)s to ensure you’re taking advantage of company matches. You may even want to look into refinancing your home mortgage. If you rent, you could consider asking for a reduction—with the economy still faltering, we have heard several success stories in this regard. Just $100 of savings can really add up! Or maybe you have a skill you could trade, like graphic design. And while you’re focusing so much on money, review your budget to see if there are areas where you might be able to save a few more dollars. If you haven’t set up a reward system with your children, consider that as well, or an allowance. Reward them with something special: a higher-end resort vacation, or a fine-dining experience that includes the little ones. Gotta teach them early to enjoy the finer things, right?


Bask in the sunshine, Cancer. The Sun is visiting your sign until July 22 and on Friday, it forms a power trio with Neptune and Saturn when a new moon enters your sign, too. This resulting Grand Trine (lucky triangle) will give you a further lift in all things related to your sign’s first house of self and new beginnings, boosting initiatives you may have started last week when the Sun entered your sign. If you were feeling slump-tastic last month, you’ll hit the fitness circuit again. Go ahead and confidently sign up for the one-year membership at the yoga studio to save a few dollars on the monthly fee—a good incentive to not skip classes. Or research the right fitness band for you to wear to track your activity —we love the Jawbone Up! (The statistics on sleeping—specifically the number of times you wake up during the night—can be pretty eye-opening.) If you’re a more laid-back Cancer, maybe just a regular walking date around the local track will become your habit. We understand the effort it can take to get out there and get moving, especially with little ones. If you’re pregnant and swollen feet are barking at you, see if a nearby pool offers water aerobics. Water exercise takes pressure off your joints but gives you the benefits of resistance (and may decrease the likelihood that you’ll need pain medication during labor and delivery). Cash in on other benefits of the Grand Trine by revamping your look. Yoga pants are easy to run errands in after your workout, but as the centerpiece of your wardrobe? Not-so-much. You’ll feel better in new threads, even if you stock up on on-sale basics at the Gap. If you’ve been thinking about a new haircut, this is a great time to do it, especially if you have drastic plans, like a pixie cut or a platinum dye job. Whatever you do, make it about you. Book a sitter or coordinate with your partner to do these things solo—you’re in the zone for some “me” time, so try not to feel guilty about it. Taking a break from your children allows you to recalibrate and cool your jets. It also lets your kids know you’re an individual, and that it’s not all about them (even if it secretly is!).


Nap time, Leo. Chances are good you’ve felt sluggish since Saturday, when the Sun tucked into Cancer, your twelfth house of rest. Your mind may be saying “go!” but your body might be saying “hell no!” We tend to feel our twelfth house most when we’re working out—the last half-mile seems harder, the five-pound weight seems heavier. So go easy on yourself if you experience this; it’s not always about mind over matter. The Sun stays in Cancer until July 22, after which it will arrive back in your sign, restoring your energy fully. But while it’s luxuriating in your house of rest, why not make the most of it? On Friday, a new moon in Cancer forms a harmonious Grand Trine with dreamy Neptune and sober Saturn, so your sleepy feelings may be even more intense. Finish some books, watch the last few episodes of a binge-worthy show, and hit the spa. But it’s not all about rest; the twelfth house also highlights endings and closure. Is there an area of your life where this might apply? It’s a good time to do the work to heal. If you’ve recently experienced a rift with a loved one or a longtime friend, it might be time to let the feelings go—or to find a way to move on. If you’re in a committed relationship, maybe you have a shared issue you need closure on, and you can use this time to work through the pain together. For example, one of you might have experienced the death of a parent or a beloved pet, which is always hard, but feels so much harder when children are involved. Though it’s not all gloom, the work you need to do may be about reconnecting, and for that you can try something classically romantic, like a candle-lit dinner in the living room after the kids go to bed, or a long walk while holding hands. If you’re pregnant, you may want to detox from processed foods and try clean eating to help with your nausea. Drink plenty of fluids and if you’re able, schedule a massage—your body is ready to receive some TLC.


You need no excuse to party, Virgo. The Sun’s invitation in Cancer, your eleventh house of groups and friends, is good through July 22. It’s the last day of school? Let’s go out for ice cream to celebrate! Partner got a promotion? Let’s book the sitter and make a dinner reservation! No occasion will seem too small. If getting out isn’t possible for you right now, how about a little “just because” party at home? One boy we know just LOVED birthday parties and became distraught when there were none on the calendar. So his mom helped him make party hats for his favorite stuffed animals (using construction paper) and stuck some candles in a cupcake. This became a daily ritual for some time—singing the happy birthday song to his stuffed animals—but it was fun and embraced the spirit of celebration without spending money or going anywhere (and it’s good for your child’s development!). So break out the hats and noise makers on Friday, when a new moon in Cancer forms a Grand Trine with soulful Neptune and ambitious Saturn, pushing you to play and have a good time with others! Of course it’s not all about clinking champagne flutes: the eleventh house rules all kinds of group activity. An exercise class is a natural choice, or maybe a Mommy meetup group. If your children are old enough, they could join you at the yoga studio so you get some quality time with them. If you’re pregnant, seek a prenatal fitness class or a new moms’ group (try a regional Facebook group if you can’t find a gathering your town). One caution: while you’re flitting from place to place, watch your caffeine intake to avoid getting jittery. You’ll probably actually find you won’t need that extra cup of coffee, as you’ll be energized by people and social interactions instead.


Are you on a roll, Libra? Your momentum is about to pick up even more speed. Whatever you’ve been working on since the Sun entered Cancer last week—heating up your tenth house of career and long-term plans—is about to go into hyper-drive. On Friday, the Cancer new moon forms a Grand Trine with imaginative Neptune and disciplined Saturn, a power trio that packs a punch into any plan you have. If you’ve been rehearsing an “I need a raise” speech in your mind, maybe get an appointment on your boss’s calendar. Or if you’ve been thinking about branching off from your work to try something new on the side (a blog or product development), this is the time. If you have children, you may be striving to find better work-life balance. If you’re expecting for the first time, you’re probably trying to figure out how it’s all going to pan out. For women thinking about staying home but unable to imagine giving up a paycheck, have a listen (or a transcript read) on the topic from Pea in the Podcast. It’s not an easy choice, but if you have a choice, remember how fortunate that is! Resist a Libra trap of worrying about what others are doing (or what they’ll think of you). Ask yourself what is right for YOU and your family. It’s really is different for everyone and there are no right or wrong answers. Libra is also the sign of relationships, and you’re the happiest surrounded by loved ones. Keep that in mind when you’re stacking up the pros and the cons. And while you’re in a long-term planning mindset, you may also be thinking about how big you want to grow your family, or small you want to keep it—potentially heavy topics! Don’t fret, Libra: the tenth house also gives you the pep you need for less weighty things, like activities you enjoy. It’s a good time to get back into running or get more serious. Maybe join a running club and set your sights on a spring 2015 race or marathon. If there’s a new hobby you’d like to try, you have the determination to dig in and give it an earnest try, like machine sewing. You’ll also probably find yourself motivated to clean out some drawers, closets or filing cabinets, and to reduce piles of stuff in your home. While you’re on a roll, use up things you already have. Squeeze out the last of the toothpaste before tossing the tube, clean out the freezer of leftovers, and look up clever life-hacks to make your daily routines easier.


Have you stopped to smell the roses, Scorpio? The Sun is now in Cancer, your ninth house of travel and higher learning, urging you to look beyond the daily grind. It stays there until July 22 and while it does, wanderlust is your new middle name. A well-planned vacation isn’t required (although if you have one of those on the calendar, perfect!). You just need to get back in touch with the here and the now. Finding the beauty in your surroundings will probably come easily, but if it doesn’t, try to adopt an adventurous spirit. Your signature Scorpio intuition might be telling you to power down the e-stuff and spend some time outdoors, anyway—don’t ignore it! Boosting this desire to reconnect with nature is Friday’s Grand Trine—a three-way formation of a new moon in Cancer, calming Neptune and straight-laced Saturn. This beneficial blend will give your day-to-day a little sparkle, while also keeping you grounded. You’ll find appreciation in the little things. The spiritual energy you may have been lacking, whether due to life’s stresses or feeling overwhelmed by a pregnancy, will rush back. Get some Vitamin F (fun) along with your prenatal if you’re expecting, by trying something from this list of ideas. If you have little ones, get them in on the fun. Abandon your “don’t make a mess” obsessing for some mud pie-making and garden hose everyone off afterward. Letting your kids seeing you have fun, too, will go a long way to making them realize you’re not all business—and getting messy is good for them! If your kids are older, how about a painted Slip n’ Slide? Steal some quiet time to yourself, if you can, for a long bike ride, a summer walk, or tucking into a new book. The ninth house also rules higher learning and your mind is poised to absorb new knowledge. If you’ve been thinking about learning a new language, this is a great time to start that. And while you’re learning “un verre de vin, s’il vous plaît” (another glass of wine, please), do a little research on Paris or your dream destination. Even if you can’t go right now, you’ll have the bookmarks for later.


How are your ties that bind? The Sun is in Cancer for the next month, your eighth house of sex and intimacy, lending an air of intensity. On Friday, this is amplified by a Grand Trine (three-way pairing) of a Cancer new moon, compassionate Neptune, and common-sense Saturn. This union will have you, well, examining your own unions. You may decide to try couples therapy with your partner, and this is an ideal time for that to be effective. If you’re a new mom, you’ll find bonding with your baby to be pretty consuming, and you might even be dealing with some hormonal fluctuations. We don’t mean to say you’ll love it all—2 a.m. feedings are hard to enjoy—but you may find yourself spiritually connecting with your baby on a level that surprises you. The higher connection that you discover may steer your future parenting, so explore that. Maybe you start with a baby blessing, or if you’re pregnant, you may consider a Blessing Way. If your kids are older, try tuning into their needs with deeper listening. One mom we know said dinnertime was becoming difficult because her five-year-old kept loudly interrupting conversation with her partner about their days. It turned out the five-year-old wanted in on the conversation. Realizing that, and including their daughter, changed everything about her behavior at the table. This Grand Trine also invites you to get in touch with the sensual side of life. Are you feeling sexy? If you’re a mom with young children or have recently given birth, it can be hard to get your groove back. Yet, it’s so important to connect to that part of yourself. Practice a little self-care, putting on a yummy new lotion after your lightning-fast shower. The eighth house also draws attention to shared money and property. If you’ve been researching mortgage refinance options, college savings funds, or shuffling retirement plans, now is a good time to do those things. Thinking about your living situation, too—you’ll gain clarity on the question of renting-versus-buying or whether or not to explore other zip codes.


Relationship check-in time. The Sun in Cancer is heating up your seventh house of partnerships until July 22. This week, those dynamic duos take front-burner status thanks to Friday’s Cancer new moon, which forms a Grand Trine (a powerful three-way palisade) with forgiving Neptune and wise Saturn. All matters related to relationships will be supersized, so it’s a great time to tend to the gardens you have. It’s so easy to let your partner slip to last on the list when you’re juggling so much as a mom. If you’re able to book a date night, do it. This is a great time for connecting on an adult level, so challenge yourselves not to talk about the kids. Be prepared with some conversation starters—seriously—if you’ve lost your ability to talk about anything but birth plans or preschool options. Of course you can check the phone for any texts from the sitter, but leave it at that. We know most Capricorns are worriers, so we’re not calling for you to do anything drastic like be out of touch or go entirely off the grid. Just try to move out of the “mommy mindset” while you’re on your well-deserved date. For pregnant Capricorns, talking about ANYTHING other than how you feel, baby gear, how you’ll handle work, etc., is going to be good for you right now. Connect with friends who can gab about other things. Order a sparking soda with cranberry (it looks just like a cosmo) in case you’re expecting—or if you aren’t ready to break the news to everyone that you’re pregnant. Sometimes it’s nice to just blend in. Take advantage of this new moon to also tend to the relationship with yourself. Take care of your back, especially, by siting in a comfortable chair whenever possible, or see a chiropractor for an adjustment. A massage might be all that you need, so treat yourself to something better than the one-minute shoulder kneading you get after a manicure.


How about another rep or two, Aquarius? You’re pumped and ready to go while the Sun visits Cancer, your sixth house of health and fitness, until July 22. What have you been up to? If the answer is nothing, the stars are practically gifting you the motivation you need. Come Friday, a new moon in Cancer hooks up with charitable Neptune and disciplined Saturn to create a magical Grand Trine. This harmonious threesome is akin to channeling Rocky (and now you totally have “Gonna Fly Now” in your head. Seriously, you can be unstoppable if you want to be. Just allow yourself to get out of your head if you’re feeling like it’s too hard to exercise while you’re pregnant or with little ones to manage. For moms strapped for time (and aren’t we all?) here’s an idea for how to run five miles in 50 minutes, with a playlist to push you through. If your kids are old enough, get them involved. For pregnant women, snag some ideas for exercise and nutrition over at Mama Glow. Be mindful of what you’re putting on your plate or collecting for takeout during this time, too. Your digestive system might be sensitive and besides, why do you want to negate any of your hard work from exercising? Plan your meals in advance if that helps. Cycle in some green juices or hit a juice bar (just go light on the fruit so you’re not spiking acidity and interfering with your digestion). Flip to a cooking show or two on TV for some inspiration or surf the beautiful Food52 for ideas. We just made a traditional gazpacho from this recipe that calls for almonds and stale bread. Seriously, we were just as confused, but it was delicious!


Just press play, Pisces! You’re feeling joyous these days, so satisfy your need for fun by planning a party (if you don’t already have one in the works), or bringing merriment wherever you go. The Sun has pulled up a chair to Cancer, your fifth house of play and self-expression, for the next month. On Friday, the joie de vivre gets further amped when a new moon also enters Cancer and joins imaginative Neptune (your ruler) and goal-obsessed Saturn to form a Grand Trine. This golden triangle lends a Midas Touch to anything you do. Just be careful to not let it get too flashy or splashy, because it’s easy to go over-the-top now and veer into dramatic terrain. You can be the center of attention without screaming, “look at me!” Leave that behavior up to your toddler, right? Speaking of which, if you have little ones, book some playdates at your house, since you’ll be more in the mood for cleaning up crumbs and magic marker stains from the couch than usual (well, maybe just the crumbs). With school out, how about a trip to an amusement park for the kids if they’re older? You’ll have more than enough patience for the bustle of the crowds and maybe even want to get in line with them for a rollercoaster. If you have littler ones, set up a fun summer craft, perhaps decorating bikes for the upcoming July 4th town parade. If you’re pregnant, it’s a great time to shop for the nursery, especially decorative items. Adorn yourself, too, with some new maternity clothes—the new line by Jennifer Love Hewitt is kind of adorable. The fifth house also rules romance, and with the Grand Trine amping things, you might find yourself researching a skydiving date or texting your partner some racy photos. How about just a REALLY good kiss? Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

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