AstroTwins Momscopes for Moms + Moms-to-be July 27th-Aug 2nd


Post by: The Astro Twins Tali + Ophira

Post by: The Astro Twins Tali + Ophira

The Astrotwins Weekly Momscopes on Mama Glow! The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below.

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope:

July 27-August 2, 2015


Not so fast, Aries mom. This week you’re asked to downshift, as disruptive Uranus begins its retrograde (backward) move through Aries, your first house of Numero Uno. If you’ve been kicking butt and taking names during the first half of the year, the second half is going to be all about tapping the brakes. From July 26 to December 25, the planet’s backspin in this area of your chart, which occurs at roughly the same time every year, is a reminder to swap your “just do it” attitude with “maybe I’ll do it” when it comes to personal projects You may be tempted to charge ahead anyway—these are YOUR endeavors, after all. But be forewarned that your efforts could be construed as aggressive or rebellious on a receiving end. You mean well, Aries, but you’re ticking off the people you need! Rather than force yourself and your agenda, let things happen organically. Try a back-seat approach. Channel your firecracker energy into your fitness routine—train for that half-marathon or return to a favorite class you’ve been missing, as retrogrades connect us to the past.


Time to sweep up the love-life dust bunnies, Aries mom-to-be. This week, peacekeeper Venus begins its retrograde (backward motion) in Virgo, your sixth house of habits, forcing you to deal with issues you’ve avoided in your romantic life. This backspin occurs every 18 months and its purpose is to press pause on our personal soap operas. On Friday (July 31), the planet’s backspin plunges into Leo, your fifth house of drama. For the next six weeks (until September 6), take a look at any blocks to intimacy that have been built between you and your partner, even if quite literally it’s the growing bump between your bodies when you hug! While your heart may ache to address these emotions, if you face facts, you could get back on terra firma by fall. After you’ve signed up for the birthing class and the CPR workshop, find something for just the two of you, like maybe a cooking class. Or do your own restaurant “tour”: start with drinks and apps at one place, another for your entree and yet another for your dessert. Hold hands for a long walk afterward and talk through whatever’s on your mind.  


Are you feeling “off”, Taurus mom, but you can’t figure out why? Chances are good you sense the beginning of Uranus moving backward (retrograde) in Aries, your twelfth house of endings and closure. The rebel planet began its backspin in this area of your chart on July 26 and it will remain this way for five months, until December 25. This is an annual transit, so the funky feeling may be a familiar one: sleep is erratic, you get weepy with little provocation. The twelfth house can stir up some oversized baggage from the past, even something you thought you’d moved on from during the first half of the year. For example, you may have resigned yourself to the idea of not having any more children, but suddenly you’re engulfed in sadness about it. It doesn’t mean your decision was wrong, only that you haven’t processed all your feelings about it. The back half of this year is a good time to do the hard work. Perhaps a session of couples’ therapy would help. A gentle cleanse, reducing sugar or cutting carbs might also go a long way toward helping you to keep your system clear, but your mind sharp—and it could even help you catch a few more Zs.


Look back to see forward? Venus, the planet of love and harmony, is retrograde in Virgo, your fifth house of romance, from July 25-31. This week, you may bump into an ex, reflect on a past relationship or see an issue resurface with your partner that you thought was dead and buried. Venus retrograde prompts us to take a big-picture look at our love lives. You are compelled to evaluate so you can move on from any tough times, hopefully for the better! This Friday, Venus slides back into Leo, your domestic fourth house, possibly complicating your relationship with your mother or another prominent female figure in your life (even your OB-GYN!). You may feel out of sync with this person. Take time to think things over instead of leaping into immediate action, like switching practitioners or un-inviting anyone from the baby shower. Spontaneity is your foe now but can also be your friend if you use it to do things that are fun, like try a new fitness class or pop into a party at the last minute.


From life of the party to wallflower? This week you may begin to feel your inner party-mom fading from fiesta to siesta mode. From July 26 to December 25, disruptive Uranus travels backward (retrograde) through Aries, your eleventh house of friendships. The next five months of 2015 could prove a stark contrast to your first seven months, when you craved social engagements and you were making strong connections. Suddenly you groan at invites, ignore your phone alerts and avoid friends on the street. As confusing as this may be to you, it’s not unfamiliar: Uranus is retrograde in this area of your chart at the same time each year. Try to think back to how you’ve handled your party-pooper ways in the past, and borrow from that history. Why does it matter? Well, you’re not really content to be holed up by yourself. Design your days with balance: some time to peace-out by yourself and some “forced fun” if you must endure. Although you may not be the belle of the ball these days, you’ll thank yourself on the way home that you left the house. Try to limit your caffeine, maybe a cup or two in the morning so you don’t interrupt your sleep at night and so you reduce the jitters while you’re already apt to feel anxious.


Are you Miss Understood, Gemini mom-to-be? Harmonious Venus is retrograde (moving backward) in Virgo, your fourth house of home and family, until Friday (July 31). This could translate into a havoc-inducing moments for you on the homefront, possibly with a prominent female family member. Your mom or mother-in-law in particular could be getting pushy with decisions concerning your baby shower and the gear you’re selecting or passing judgment on your choice of delivery method or location. Just wait until they chime in with your name choices! (Maybe it’s better not tell them till AFTER the baby is born!) Just when you think you have a situation under control, Venus continues its backslide on July 31 but into Leo, your third house of communication. From then until September 6, interactions are stressed. If you’re not feeling like anyone is listening to you, maybe instead of speaking louder, you don’t speak at all. Silence is powerful. And you can use it to your advantage with some “kind ignoring.” Keep your caffeine intake in check now; you don’t need the added adrenaline. Find ways to take your mind off the chaos, maybe by antiquing for a vintage nursery piece. Or hit up a sports event where you can shout your head off to release that aggression.


Take a step back, Cancer mom. You’ve been moving in a direct line for so long, you haven’t given yourself a chance to follow a squiggle! Your opportunity started on July 26 when changemaker Uranus went retrograde (backwards) in Aries, your tenth house of long-term goals. For the next five months (until December 25), you’re cosmically encouraged to evaluate your original mission. It’s not terribly surprising you’ve developed a tunnel vision—you’re busy taking care of other people and you haven’t had a moment’s chance to stop and reconsider what you’re doing. By the end of the year, you may find you need to reset your coordinates for an altered mission. You may not veer far off the path you first set, but you certainly could. The point is, you won’t know if you don’t give yourself a chance to reconsider your options. You may want to seek the advice of a life coach or a mentor who can help you focus. Fitness activities that require little thought on your part, i.e., ones led by a knowledgeable instructor, are best now. Sometimes it’s nice to be told what to do, instead of having to make all the decisions about the stuff that isn’t so important.


Beep beep! Peacekeeper Venus is backing up in Virgo, turning retrograde in your third house of communication through Friday (July 31). After that, it stays in reverse through Leo, your second house of work and money, until September 6. The next six weeks could provide some challenges, but they could also help you to see the big picture. If you’re unsure about your work situation post-baby, this is the perfect time to mull options. It’s not necessarily the best time to make a firm decision, so it’s ideal if you can hold off until the fall unless your timeline is more accelerated than that (hello, due date!). During this time, try to pay off debts, at least the smaller ones you can wipe out, or consolidate many of them into one loan. Take a more conservative approach to new purchases, too, especially ones related to baby. Better to wait and see what you need than to start off with a mountain of stuff you “might” need. This Scary Mommy post suggests 10 things you think you need that you probably really don’t. Perhaps before you buy, see what you can find second-hand or even what you can DIY. Fill your home with aromatherapy scents to keep the mood light while you’re toiling away on the ledger or your special crafts.


You’ve got a plan, Leo mom, but before you go all out, take a time-out. This week you may have felt a slight damper setting into your most glorious plans. Unpredictable Uranus went retrograde (backward) in Aries, your ninth house of adventure, where it will travel in reverse for the next five months (July 26 to December 25). This is an annual occurrence and may explain why your gung-ho evaporates just as soon as you’ve put the finishing touches on plans big or small in late July. The upside is you may feel compelled to more thoughtfully plot your moves. Perhaps the family would embrace an off-the-beaten path experience versus the 5-star resort you’ve booked. Or you ran with a friend’s recommendation 100% but when you stop to think about it, you remember your friend’s tastes don’t always align with yours. The ninth house rules exploration and if you’re willing to do the research, it may just take you more time to find the “right thing.” Just beware of analysis paralysis. And find other things to immerse yourself into, perhaps spiritual or something physical (but still cerebral) like Tai Chi or learning a specific routine you saw on Dancing With the Stars.


Making waves or making nice? Harmonious Venus is retrograde (moving backward) in Virgo, your second house of money and security, until Friday (July 31). If you think you’ve got your financial or work situation under control, Leo mom-to-be, take another look. There may be something—to your benefit—that you overlooked! Take a neutral stance at work, avoiding water-cooler talk and petty office politics. If you’ve normally poured yourself a cup of morning joe and indulged in a side of gossip, just tell your coworkers you need to focus on tying up loose ends before your maternity leave; they’ll understand and not even sniff out your snub. After Venus finishes its backstroke in Virgo, it slides through Leo, your first house of self, until September 6. Here is where things get interesting: While you want to carve an identity beyond “the pregnant lady” you’re getting stares and questions about your unconventional choices. How rude! What, a pregnant woman can’t rock a bikini or color her hair lavender? We say go for it. The more permanent stuff, though? Wait. After the retrograde ends, then you can decide if you really want that tattoo. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or relaxing spa treatments (and a sexy flash tattoo!) until then.


Blast from the past alert! Beginning this week, people you left in the rearview mirror may suddenly reappear. Uranus, the planet of surprise, is spinning backward (retrograde) in Aries, your eighth house of intensity, from July 26 to December 25. For the next five months, Virgo mom, you could be revisited from one of your ghosts, or one of your partner’s and that could kick up some jealous feelings. Perhaps it’s just a Facebook friend request, but to you it’s the potential for a long-dead relationship to come back to life. Or wait—IS it just a friend request? You may need a refill on your chill pills! One Virgo mom we know got a little freaked out about her husband’s upcoming high school reunion and insisted on going. Except, all the old flames turned out to be rather dull and the evening, too—she wished she’d sent him alone. The eighth house can fan the flames on something that turns out to be smaller than its shadow. As this retrograde is an annual occurrence, these feelings may carry some deja vu. Reach back into your mind’s vault for how you’ve handled yourself in the past when griped with irrational panic. And keep the focus on you. Let your hair down with some nightlife and seek water sports or lounging moments to zen out from your mind’s chaos.


Low-key is the key to life now, Virgo mom-to-be. This week, you’re cosmically called on to chill out. Charismatic Venus went retrograde (backward) in Virgo, your first house of just-do-it initiative. Personal projects you started may have recently hit the skids. You’re shooting through roofs at the frustration. Why. Can’t. I. Get. Motivated? After you’ve tried all the psychological tricks, you may finally convince yourself you just need a time-out. If your projects rely on other people, this is probably for the best as retrogrades can make interactions dicey. On Friday (July 31), Venus continues its backspin in Leo, your twelfth house of rest. Hit the snooze button as often as possible until the retrograde ends on September 6. If six weeks feels like lost time, consider making smaller goals and resigning yourself that it may take longer to reach them. When you meet resistance (and you probably will) allow yourself to lean back. Some mind-body exercises, yoga or meditation, are helpful to remember you are centered, you are powerful, but sometimes the batteries need to be recharged. 


Who can you count on? Your go-to person may not be so reliable while erratic Uranus is retrograde (spinning backward) in Aries, your seventh house of partnerships. For the next five months (until December 25), the person (or persons) you depend on could flake out on you. If you’ve ever thought or said: “If you want something done, just do it yourself!” you may be saying it A LOT more. But don’t despair, Libra mom. You are not alone, even if you feel like you are some days. Perhaps this is a wakeup call that you need to expand your circle of responsible people who can help you out. Or, you realize that the Team Libra support network can’t cater to your every need. Whatever the case, you could gain a new appreciation for them or be ready to put them into the categories into which they belong: reliable or unreliable. You may decide it’s time to cut one loose, because let’s be serious, the first flakeout is a free pass, the second one may not be. Maybe give them an out? Ask your friend who said she’d be the emergency contact on your kids’ school forms last year if she wants to be this year. And prepare to be okay if the answer is no! Book yourself a massage now to work out your stress. Watch your sodium intake, too, and drink lots of water.


You have the right to change your mind, Libra mom-to-be, and this week you may be going back and forth so much your head spins! Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde (moving backward) in Virgo, your twelfth house of hidden agendas, until Friday (July 31). Just when you think you’ve got something (or someone) figured out, they throw you a curveball. Or perhaps you’re imagining this? It’s all very confusing, but that’s the hallmark of a retrograde. Venus does backspins every 18 months and can have you second-guessing every decision and relationship—even more than your indecisive sign already does, that is! Venus continues its lean-back into Leo after Friday, going rogue in your eleventh house of friends. Until September 6, you may evaluate each and every bond you have and connection you make. It may be time to distance yourself from some of them and buddy up closer to others, perhaps those with small children who will no doubt become indispensable to you in short order! The eleventh house rules technology and gadgets, but try to reduce your time on them now. You’re better off speaking in person so translation isn’t garbled. Plus, you’ll benefit more from the circulation that results from flitting from place to place for your meet-ups. 


How many balls are you juggling, Scorpio mom? Think this week you could add a few more? Disruptive Uranus has begun its annual retrograde (backspin) in Aries, your sixth house of organization. Just when you thought you’d managed the chaos, something unexpected comes down the pike. Hey, that’s life as a mom, right? Sure. But you don’t have to resign yourself to that fact, and we’re guessing you won’t. Despite this five-month slowdown in this area of your chart, you can build off the momentum you gathered during the first half of the year. Chances are good you have systems in place to make your life easier, and now it’s essential to lean on them. Trust that they will work. And when they don’t, roll with it. We know one Scorpio mom whose daycare unexpectedly announced it will be shuttering before the new school year starts. While she figures out what to do, she’s throwing herself into yoga to de-stress and her Ayurveda diet to maintain optimal health (the sixth house rules wellness). In other words, she’s trying not to freak out about what she can’t control, while taking ownership of the things she can.


Some intensity to go with your intensity, Scorpio mom-to-be? Charismatic Venus is retrograde (moving backward) in Virgo, your eleventh house of collaboration, until Friday (July 31). You may have trouble seeing eye-to-eye with others, but you’ll mistakenly think the problem is ALL theirs. Ease up on your outrage or you may burn a bridge, kill a friendship or disrupt good working relationships with coworkers. Retrogrades can shorten your fuse, Scorpio mom-to-be, so tread lightly. That certainly doesn’t mean you need to roll over; just be more self-aware how you’re coming across. After Friday, Venus continues its backstroke, but through Leo, your tenth house of ambition. This can further stress already prickly situations—but you’ll come out smelling like a rose if you keep your vision firmly set on the long-term. Let them win this round, because you know you’ll win the next one—that sort of thing. Stretching exercises are perfect now for maintaining strength or building it. Try using bands and don’t skip (or skimp) on the reps for legs. You could also start (or resume) doing Kegel exercises to build your pelvic floor for birth. 


Coming on too strong? This week you could start to hit some unexpected hurdles as disruptive Uranus begins its retrograde (backspin) in Aries, your fifth house of passion and creativity. For the next five months (July 26 to December 25), the annual reversal could shake up romance, cause speed bumps to appear in your professional pursuits and even put a crimp in any pregnancy plans (the fifth house rules fertility). Yikes, that sounds like a lot of potential stress! Your best strategy is to roll with what comes and find ways to burn off your anxious energy—ones that are not counterproductive to your goals or your wellbeing! Perhaps that bump is followed by a long, smooth stretch of road before the next one. What you do between the bumps really counts. So don’t squander your precious time wallowing if your efforts are hindered. Focus instead on what you can accomplish despite them, and you’ll be in the right frame of mind to turn the most difficult situations into something good. Seek “wheelhouse” activities to express yourself now—maybe audition for a community Shakespeare company or make a date with the kids at the pottery painting place. Don’t stifle your spontaneity either—if a friend is going to check out an interpretive dance class, go with!


It’s okay not to have all the answers, Sagittarius mom-to-be. The next six weeks could be a confusing stretch of time for you as affable Venus is retrograde (moving backward) through two zones of your chart: Virgo, your tenth house of ambition, until Friday (July 31), and then Leo, your ninth house of liberation, through September 6. Retrogrades are an opportunity for you to press pause and evaluate where things are heading. As an expecting mom, you no doubt have a lot on your mind relative to what life will look like post-baby. Pressing pause on your career may be making you anxious. Use this time to contemplate all the options, but resist making any firm decisions (if your timeline allows!). For some women it’s difficult to know EXACTLY what they want to do until after the baby arrives, but this New York Times article insists it’s getting better. A break from overthinking is a good idea, too—how about a short road trip? Or hop on your bike and ride if you’re still able to, destination: unknown. 


Family life strife? This week begins the mark of Uranus’s annual retrograde (backspin) in Aries, your domestic fourth house. For the next five months (July 26 to December 25), your home sweet home may be a tad short on sugar. Perhaps it’s your living arrangements that need an upheaval, and you’re able to really “see” how you’re all living. One Capricorn mom we know said that after she moved her family of four from a two-bedroom apartment to a four- bedroom home, “I didn’t realize how on top of each other we all were!” Just watch not make too quick a move. This period is best for reflection and evaluation more than it is for action. So if you’re thinking about changing addresses, for example, this cycle would be better spent researching listings, visiting neighborhoods and interviewing schools versus making a downpayment and calling the movers. You tend to be more methodical anyway, Capricorn, but an overwhelming feeling of FOMO could overcome you. If you feel a deal may pass you by, temperature check your feelings against your partner’s or talk it out with your mom, a sister or an aunt (the fourth house rules female relatives) to get validation or a proper cooling off. Ready to eat better? Some home-cooked meals are in order, so treat yourself to some new cookbooks. Vegging out is important now too: light exercise versus exhaustive routines are preferable. Or, find your sports “family” and join a softball league.


Harmony, interrupted? This week, cordial Venus begins shuffling back in Virgo, your free-spirited ninth house, and beginning Friday (July 31), it continues to retrograde in Leo, your intense eighth house, through September 6. Feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and suspicion may erupt. An antagonist from your past could resurface. Revenge fantasies could dot your daydreams. But the next six weeks are less about action than they are about reflection. So if you’re thinking about confronting someone IRL, hold off. The feelings may not only pass, they could later prove to have been a figment of an overactive imagination. Instead of confronting your partner for making side-eye at the non-pregnant hottie seated at the next restaurant table, focus on yourself. Speaking of that, some vitamin D soaked up poolside or at the beach should feel amazing now, as will any water sports that are gentle on your joints and give you a buoyant feeling.


Unsend! Starting this week, everything you say and do could stand to be dialed back. On July 26, erratic Uranus went retrograde (backward) in Aries, your third house of communication. Whether your words are written, spoken or implied, they come with asterisks for the next five months (the retrograde lasts until December 25). You could regret sending emails or texts without sleeping on them. And you could leave a room with a canvas of confused faces because your words just hang or don’t make complete sense. Because you can’t live in a bubble or jet off to a desert island for the rest of the year (or maybe you can, and we’re wildly envious!), your best bet is to think before you speak, especially in mixed company—friends and family, thankfully, are more forgiving. Plus, they’ve been down this road with you before: Uranus’s retrograde in Aries is an annual event. Keep your cool on social media, too. A dipped toe (making your point on a radical friend’s thread) could become a cannonball (full-on off-thread rant about said person). The other big thing to be careful of now is starting new projects and leaving others in limbo. Try your best to finish something up before moving on to the next. Keep or restart a journal if you need to get out the emotion but don’t want to deal with any of the drama that can ensue from having spoken your mind in a wider forum. Who knows, your journal could grow to become the basis of a book! Today’s rant, tomorrow’s bestseller?


Is giving the benefit of the doubt deserved, Aquarius mom-to-be? Harmonious Venus is retrograde (moving backward) through two zones of your chart: Virgo, your eighth house of shared bonds, through Friday, July 31, and then Leo, your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, through September 6. The next six weeks could test your closets relationships, stress interactions with your best allies and put you at an impasse with someone important in your life. Great, you’re thinking, just what I need is more stress! You can definitely counter those feelings with some one-on-one sports—tennis, anyone? Venus’s retrograde occurs every 18 months and it is a good time to evaluate where things stand in your life. So it may seem like a nuisance, but the exercise helps you to move forward. Perhaps you address some unresolved issue with one of these key people in your life. Put yourself in their shoes and you may see you’re the one who needs to change. Or, you may discover it’s time to break ties. If you’re putting in more than you’re getting back, you may have your answer.


Mind on your money and your money on your…? Disruptive Uranus turned retrograde (backward) this week in Aries, your financial and security-driven second house. For the next five months (until December 25), you’re spilling imaginary coffee all over your balance sheet. Numbers are swimming in your mind but they’re not making much sense. If you need to make a financial decision during this transit, it’s best to have someone check it out for you or just hold off. Or, pass the entire decision-making process to a trusted party, like your partner. This may sound drastic, but retrogrades are best for being a time of evaluation and study and not action. Uranus’s retrograde is an annual event. Without realizing it, you may already have a system in place to carry you through this. If you’re a working (for pay) mom, this isn’t the time to rock the boat but rather stay the course. Keep it simple at home, too. Some movie nights or time spent with family may be preferred over elaborate plans. Walking for exercise or some lightweight routines are ideal. Comfort food will entice you, but try to keep it healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth with smaller quantities of what you love—two squares of dark chocolate versus the entire bar?


Love-planet Venus went retrograde (backward) this week in Virgo, your seventh house of relationships. This occurs every 18 months, providing a chance to temperature-check your love life. This can kick up some stuff for you, Pisces mom-to-be, and give you a serious case of the grumps in the process. You may find you’re irritable, snappy and feeling selfish toward your romantic partner because “OMG I just remembered [whatever grievance bubbled up in your reflection]!” Perhaps there’s an underlying issue you need to address. It will only become more acute after Friday (July 31), when Venus continues its backspin through Leo, your sixth house of wellbeing. That one thing you’re down about snowballs until it feels like an avalanche and everything is NOT awesome. If you’re at an emotional impasse, this may be the time to call in the experts (couple’s therapy?). In the meantime, you’ll need extra pampering to soothe those feelings (and maybe your feet!). Be kind to yourself, and try to be kind to others!

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