Astrotwins Kidscopes July 27th-Aug2nd


Post by: Astro Twins- Tali & Ophira

Post by: Astro Twins- Tali & Ophira

We are thrilled to have the Astrotwins give their Weekly Kidscopes on Mama Glow! The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below.

The Astrotwins Weekly KidScope:

July 27th – August 2nd


Changing lanes, fast to slow. This week, Aries kids show a drop in momentum on something that captivated them during the first half of the year. Impulsive Uranus has just turned retrograde in Little Aries’s first house of personal quests and now that the shine is off, enthusiasm putters. Perhaps you just finished paying off an instrument or invested a small fortune in hockey or dance gear and while Little Aries is complaining about going to practice, you are reminding her of her responsibility to see it through. This could be a tough road for you, especially since this annual retrograde lasts five months (until December 25). But all is not lost. A retrograde is a time to reflect, and you can help Little Aries see what it was she liked so much about her interest in the first place. The path doesn’t have to lead to abandonment but could lead to a refreshed spirit. Perhaps a changeup in coaches or instructors, or even the time of day that she participates, will help. Her attention span could be a bit short now, so mixing things up may do the trick. If it seems truly a slog, decide how much you want to push or let her explore other pursuits. Check out this think piece in Brain Child magazine if you’re struggling with this issue or think you soon could be. In the meantime, up your one-on-one time with Little Aries. Baby Aries is losing interest in some things but that’s probably because he’s developing so quickly! Are you keeping pace? If he could roll his eyes at you, he totally would—“Mom, I don’t need to be swaddled anymore!” What worked for your baby even a few months ago could prove to be ancient history now. Allow yourself to be more flexible with the rapid changes and you’ll both be cooing with joy.


Taking it easy. This week Taurus kids downshift their energy as change-maker Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde in Aries, their twelfth house of rest and the subconscious. Imagine a slow-motion setting is fixed on Little Taurus. No matter how hard he tries to speed up, he falls short. Wake him up early or considerably pad your “five more minutes!” so you can get places on time with less stress. This drag on his reserves could be more noticeable than it was during the first half of the year when Uranus was direct in Aries. If you have a tween or teen Bull in your family, you could be experiencing some major ‘tude. For Little Taurus, this can translate into moody feelings or general grumpiness, even talking back. If Little Taurus has siblings, he may be the instigator now (or more than he is usually). And he might be hard on himself: “I’ll never be able to do this!” He needs plenty of time to explore his emotions, even the extreme ones. Try not to overschedule him. Maybe learning about his feelings will help—two tickets to see Inside Out this weekend? Baby Taurus is going a la carte on her feelings. Have you deciphered her various cries? There’s the one for being too warm in her carseat, the one for being hungry, etc. Stick to a tight bedtime schedule and don’t short-change nap time! 


Outgrew the crew? Gemini kids may begin to distance themselves from old pals this week. Change-maker Uranus is retrograde (backward) in Aries, Little Gemini’s eleventh house of friends, for five months (July 26 to December 25). During the first half of the year, Little Gemini was probably humming along with kids her age and getting on well in groups—small spats and fisticuffs about sharing toys aside. But while Uranus is retrograde in this area of her chart, the cracks begin to show in some of her bonds. This could have a lot to do with who Little Gemini is playing with: children of your friends, brought together for playdates so the adults can be social, too; kids from daycare or preschool who just happen to have been clumped together because of when they were born. Little Gemini is ready to make friends on her own—picking and choosing whom SHE likes. Kids make friends so easily at times: You like Paw Patrol? ME TOO! BFFs for the time we’re at the playground? Okay, awesome! Try exposing Little Gemini to new social settings or activities where she can seek and find her own likeminded souls. You don’t need to play matchmaker, but if she hits it off with someone, don’t forget to ask for the parent’s number to set up a future date. Technology is a hallmark of the eleventh house, and while Baby Gemini may have been having a blast playing with your smartphone or tablet, the joy can easily turn to frustration while Uranus is retrograde. Ask yourself why you’re handing the baby the device—if it’s to make your life easier but it’s actually making it harder, cut him off before it becomes more difficult to down the road. This post from a pediatrician writing for HuffPo is interesting and worth considering: “The 5 Pieces of Advice I’d Give About Screens If Parents Ever Asked.” Good food for thought!


That’s so unfair! Cancer kids this week may be feeling life is unjust, and look to you to play judge and jury. Unless, of course, YOU’RE the authority figure they’re butting up against. Radical Uranus is in its annual retrograde (backward motion) in Aries, Little Cancer’s tenth house of leadership, from July 26 to December 25. For the next five months, Little Cancer may be at odds with anyone in charge, including but not limited to you, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, coaches. Because the tenth house is associated with fathers, some issues with dad could be the basis for any conflicts that erupt. Getting your Crab to turn things around may be harder than usual, too; his rage may overshadow any logic you try to throw down. It’s not a hopeless case, though—you can draw on things that worked for Little Cancer during the first half of the year when Uranus was moving direct in Aries. Perhaps you dug deep into your well of patience and used monotone replies to his escalating grievances—an extra helping of that may be in order! Cancer is an emotional sign, and he may have been looking for you to share his despair. Without it, he’s got to pull up his own bootstraps. If you need a little help along the way (and who doesn’t?) check out Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids by Sura Hart. Try some family activities, too, for releasing negative energies all around: hiking, bike riding or participating in a road race/walk. A one-on-one bonding opportunity with dad could be listening to his “fuddy-duddy” music. Dust off the vinyl and cassette tapes—a new Led Zeppelin fan is about to be made! Baby Cancer may be having her own issues with authority, but without the attitude. She’s learning there’s more than one person in charge of her world, and she may begin to “play games”—eat for one of you, not the other; go down for one of you, not the other. You get the idea. Try not to throw up your arms in defeat, lest she actually “win” and create lopsided childcare in your co-parenting relationship.


Even adventure seekers need to come home once in awhile. Leo kids this week are riding high from recent quests—family vacations, camp field trips or exploring the great outdoors with neighborhood kids. The spin comes to a stop now that the planet of sudden change, Uranus, is retrograde (moving backward) in Aries, Little Leo’s ninth house of wanderlust. For the next five months (July 26 to December 25), the most thrill-seeking Lions could use a little time in the den. If your Leo claims to be bored, he can be brought around to finding fun at home…or at the library, or in museums where a world of knowledge awaits. Tickle his free spirit by encouraging Leo to immerse himself in new topics and ideas. He may learn about something so tantalizing that he MUST see it, and together you can make a rough outline for a future trip. In the meantime, know that Little Leo may have grander ambitions than he’s ready to execute. If you drop him off for his first sleepover, for example, keep your phone ringer on in case you get a middle-of-the-night call for a pickup! Baby Leo may swing between feelings of wanting to wander and not letting go of your leg. These feelings can turn on and off like a faucet, and be unpredictable. Retrogrades bring reflection, and your baby is becoming more self-aware. She may spend her entire time in the sandbox just watching other kids play versus joining in or busying herself with the toys you brought.


Power play? Virgo kids begin a five-month tug ‘o war with pretty much ANYONE on the receiving end. Rebellious Uranus is retrograde (moving backward) in Aries, Little Virgo’s eighth house of intensity, making cooperation a little harder to achieve between now and December 25. If Little Virgo has been able to work things out on his own, that progress could be turned upside down. Suddenly, you find yourself in a perpetual role of mediator. Little Virgo is more apt to become possessive of his belongings, too—and everyone else’s—and he’s power hungry. He’s also asking for your help one minute and scolding you the next for giving it. Reactions to the mundane are greeted with tall glasses of intensity too: “what would you like for breakfast” sparks a squeezed-eyes tantrum with tears popping out. What the heck? Yep, it’s the topsy-turvy annual Uranus retrograde cycle. Your best strategy may be to fill your reserves of patience up regularly, and often. If his tantrums get epic, check out a classic book like The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene. Lots of useful tips for not only diffusing tense interactions but also for fostering healthy dialogue (good for any age.). Baby Virgo can become easily frustrated and fussy, too. Suddenly all her clothes seem itchy and her carseat is THE WORST! Exhaustion creeps in as you go up and down the checklist to deduce what’s bugging her but you still come up empty. Reduce baby’s stressors by avoiding noisy spaces and places. And tune in to how loud it is at home: TVs left on, screaming appliances, a sibling’s toy that plays annoying music or the fire engine toy that relentlessly whirls. Make her nursery a quiet zone, at the very least, and retreat there if the rest of the house’s occupants can’t keep their decibels down.


Solid as a rock? This week, Libra kids seek out an unwavering go-to person. Authentic Uranus is retrograde (moving backward) through Aries, their seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Where they’ve felt secure in the past, they may suddenly not. It could be simply that you had to put Little Libra off while you finished some work, took a phone call or tended to a sibling’s more pressing issue. But to Little Libra, she’s keeping track of snubs—even if you’d label them as “perceived” ones. This annual retrograde in Libra’s interpersonal house lasts until December 25, and it can stress her bonds with you and other close bonds, like relatives who may also be her caregivers or her other parent. In a way, Little Libra is testing your loyalty. She’s also listening to your every word and expecting you to deliver on what you say, so be mindful and don’t over-promise. The upside to this behavior is she’s going to apply it to her interactions with others. In the process, she may find her voice, or a stronger one. She’s learning to stick up for herself more and she’s developing a good B.S. detector—these are important life skills! If you can time-in with Libra regularly, just the two of you, it will go a long way toward keeping the peace and helping her to see you are her rock, even if you have to be someone else’s, too. Baby Libra is finding his voice—and exercising it! Music and dance are great releases for your baby now. An intimate music class would be a good choice for a first class with his peers (and you, of course!). He’ll benefit, too, from any resulting playdates after meeting new jam partners. Give them some play instruments and maybe they’ll form their first garage band. First tour stop: library story hour?


Manage the chaos. Scorpio kids could be feeling out of sorts this week, and a little less go-with-the-flow, as change maker Uranus begins its annual five-month slow-down (retrograde) in their sixth house of organization and routines. Little Scorpio needs you to bring order to his pint-sized life, to help reduce stress and the resulting acting out that can come from not having a predictable regimen. Since it’s summer, your plans may be more fluid. If you can’t design a clear routine, at least give Little Scorpio a heads-up about what’s coming. When he wakes up, tell him what’s on the day’s agenda. And don’t even try to whisk him from one place to the next without advance warning. He won’t go for that and you’ll be picking up the pieces of a meltdown that just slows YOU down. You could try making a calendar for him, putting it in his room or a common area of the house. Use pictures if he’s not yet using words. Take him shopping for his back-to-school supplies so he can begin looking forward to the new year, and help dilute any anxiety he has about it. If possible, see if you can meet with his teacher(s) before school starts. That way he can hear from them what his day will be like to eliminate the mystery. A big dose of confidence on the first day, just from knowing what to expect, could also eliminate the night-before tummy aches. Baby Scorpio won’t be too cool with changeups now, such as babysitters, but during Uranus retrograde the people you depend on can flake out. So if you’re trying out new sitters, definitely invite them over to meet with your baby in advance of needing her, so they can get further acquainted. And be prepared for your baby not to want to be handed off to anyone, even for a few minutes, let alone a block of time. The Healthy Children blog of the American Academy of Pediatrics offers some helpful information about separation anxiety that could be useful because you need a date night, or two or three!


Obstacle course of emotions? Sagittarius kids run the gamut of high and low feelings—nothing particularly unusual about that! But amping things up this week for Little Sagittarius is a retrograde (backward spin) of Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, through Aries, her fifth house of drama. Little Sagittarius could find herself feeling overly antsy about things that normally don’t faze her. Your cool cucumber could ripen to a prickly pear at the slightest provocation. And coming down from her Oscar-worthy performance could make you wonder how you even function. Because the fifth house also rules creativity, finding healthy outlets and plenty of opportunity for her to express herself should be high on your bag of tricks during the next five months (Uranus retrograde ends December 25). Watch, though, that your Little Archer doesn’t become overly frustrated in her pursuits—remember, these are activities to help calm and occupy her, not ratchet up her nerves. If she insists on trying something she’s not ready for, like jumping from a coloring book to a color-by-numbers canvas, try to manage her expectations before cutting her loose. Brooklyn education company Flocabulary has a video on frustration that may resonate with your Little Sag. Baby Sagittarius wants to be the center of attention. AHEM! Or more like WAAAH! He’s also turned into quite the Energizer Bunny and you wonder if he’ll ever slow down and drop off when you put him in the crib. Calming techniques are essential to help slow his pace to the point he can drop off. Pour some essential oils into a diffuser, breathe in, and maybe let yourself rest, too.


Homebody time! Capricorn kids this week find solace in their nests, but they may also be feeling a little fenced in. These unsettled feelings are the result of a retrograde that began on July 26 in Aries, Little Capricorn’s fourth house of home and family. While she’s content to lounge, she’s also got a serious case of FOMO. Retrogrades are a good time for reflection, and although the concept is meaty for a child, she could use some solo time to be in her own head. If your home is a Grand Central Station or she shares a bedroom, find a spot that can be just hers (you can do this with your other children, too, and we hope you also have a spot to call you own!). Maybe it’s just a beanbag or a floor pillow, but it’s a place she can retreat for thinking, journaling, listening to her headphones, whatever. Try to keep it reflective, and not another prop for watching TV or playing with a gadget. During this annual retrograde’s five-month stretch (which ends December 25), Little Capricorn can benefit from playing gypsy at home, too. How about backyard camping? Or building a treehouse or a fort? Try a slumber party for just the two of you on couches in the basement, and make it a regular event. Baby Capricorn would like to sleep anywhere but her bed, so it’s up to you to set firm boundaries on where she snoozes or you’ll be co-sleeping even if you didn’t intend to start! Push your baby to go along with your spontaneous endeavors, too. Getting her out of her comfort zone is good. Start widening the borders of her otherwise predictable infant’s world.


Put a lid on it! Aquarius kids are bubbling over this week, thanks to disruptive Uranus (their ruling planet) moving backward (retrograde) through Aries, their third house of communication. For the next five months (through December 25), Little Aquarius is not only a willing chatterbox to whomever will listen, but whoa—the things he’s saying! Overshare alert! Kids do utter the darnedest things. Just why do OUR children have to say them, right? While Little Aquarius is probably too young to understand why some topics are impolite or off-limits, it’s worth reminding him some things are best talked about in private—at home or at least in the car. After all, it won’t be his cheeks getting pink, but yours! Does this mom’s story sound familiar? Or perhaps it’s you who is oversharing about Little Aquarius on social media. Tuning into what you both put out into the open is fair game for evaluation. Check out this Child Whisperer (mom of five!) post on “types” of social media parents to see where you fall and if you think you should make any changes to your habits. Baby Aquarius is up for communicating to the world, on her terms. Expose him to other babies and older children, too; he’s feeling social and intrigued by those doing more than he is. But forget about leaving the room. He’ll probably want you to be close for hugs of reassurance or some eye contact. Sensory play is a good fallback option when you’re at home together. Just be choosy with the materials if he’s in the put-everything-in-the-mouth-that-isn’t-food phase. That one seems to last FOR-ever! 


Foundation cracking? Pisces kids this week want to know they have solid footing on stable ground, the kind of security you can provide from having daily habits and routines. Impulsive Uranus is retrograde (moving backward) in Aries, Little Pisces’s second house of security, for the next five months (July 26 to December 25). If your child was okay with mixing things up in the first half of the year, she’s a lot less comfortable with it now. Must be a phase, you say. Indeed, it could be. But moreso, retrogrades are an opportunity to pause and reflect on the way we do things. Instead of getting immediate buy-in and cooperation, Little Pisces wants to think about it. She will likely acquiesce, but she may need warming up, advance warning or to think it’s her idea. Resist bribing though, because that’s every parent’s slippery slope! Your needs, schedule and desires are a fact of life, not something you should have to negotiate to cajole your child to do what you want/need her to do! The same goes for Baby Pisces. If you are in the habit of buying a new toy, book, whatever, whenever you’re out doing things you need to do, consider the habit/pattern that’s forming and your baby’s growing expectations. If you continue, when does it stop? Maybe encourage him to bring something from home each time you go out, so his little hands are occupied and can’t possibly hold anything new. And let him know if you don’t plan to buy anything BEFORE you go into a store. Lots of fresh air will do you both good. Skip the stores when you have him/her in tow, or hit a farmers’ market instead of the mega grocery store.

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