ARISE TV 360: Latham’s Summer Glow Picks


ARISE TV 360: Latham reports on her summer glow picks.

ARISE TV 360: Latham reports on her summer glow picks.

Summer Glow on the Go! It’s all about staying cool, hydrated, and protected. After appearing on Arise TV 360 to dish on the coolest summer products for self care, here are Glow Maven’s top picks for summer skin care, self care, and wellbeing. From Sunscreens to Snacks- I have you covered. 


A lot of the commercial brands contain harmful ingredients like aluminum and other known carcinogens. You have lymph nodes located under your armpits. With the heat of the summer comes the funk- and here are two that we love that keep any smells at bey. These are good for the men too!

Soapwalla- Cream Deodorant- $14.99

This is my go-to-deodorant and it really works! I have tried everything and nothing out performs Soapwalla.

R.L. Linden- Close to Me Spray Deodorant- $38.00

An herbal deodorant spray for those who aren’t fond of cream or roll ons.

Shower Gel & Lotion:

In the summer you want to use lighter scents and make sure your body wash and lotion aren’t laden with chemicals. We trust Naturopathica.

Naturopathica- Sicilian Bergamont Lotion- $26.00

This lotion has a beautiful natural citrus scent, it glides on and provides moisture the entire day.

Sun Care:

Coola Skin Care- Sun Screen- $32.00

Silky, transparent, vitamin and antioxidant-rich, COOLA SPF 30 Moisturizing Face sunscreen is specially created to protect, hydrate, and soothe delicate facial skin.

Acure- Argan Oil- $14.99

A true skin Super Food! Post sun care. Incredibly rich in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids, and Proteins, Argan Oil help fight lines, repair imperfections, minimize scars + stretch marks, restore texture, elasticity and tone, and reduce inflammation. Lightweight and easily absorbed! Often referred to as “liquid gold”.


Original & Mineral- $30.99

Detox Shampoo to clean out the dirt from the gritty city summer day. The peppermint scent is intoxicating and helps to stimulate the scalp.


Tata Harper Floral Mist- $65.00

great for travel, after sun exposure. General hydration.

Snacks & Drinks:

WTRMLN WTR- Watermelon juice- $5.99

This brand is amazing. We all love the cool, hydrating sweetness of watermelon- but who wants to carry it around- it’s heavy. Well, World Waters introduced a juice that’s just watermelon and the rind and a hint of lemon juice. It’s full of potassium, magnesium, lycopene, and vitamin C. This is great for those who suffer swelling of the hands and feet in the summer heat.

Health Warrior – Chia Bars- $2.99

These little snacks pack a lot of protein, omega fats and are low in calories. They come in various tasty flavors and are perfect for staying healthy on the go.

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