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You know her from her hit series on Bravo- “Pregnant in Heels” but what you may not know is that Rosie Pope is not just a pregnancy guru but a mommy mogul who has an empire that’s growing by the day. We chatted with Rosie about her latest collaboration with Belly Bandit, which supports new moms and has a social angle- benefiting women who suffer from breast cancer as well.

Mama Glow: What inspired you to work with Belly Bandit to create this product for new mamas?

Rosie Pope: I believe in products that work and make women’s lives better and telling them about them (loudly!). In the sea of gear available to moms now it is often hard to navigate through it all and figure out what is best for us.  I hope I can help moms cut through it all and tell them really about what they need and what is really going to work. And let me tell you, Belly Bandit works!  I also passionately believe in beauty for a cause.  In looking after ourselves we can also help to take care of others.  The more moms are a community working together as opposed to competitively knocking each other down the better and this Belly Bandit is about helping ourselves and others.

MG: What are some of the unique features of the Rosie Pope Organic Belly Bandit? 

RP: It has an extra 9” of adjustability (More Velcro!)  which is the largest of all bands. This is great because when you first start using it your belly is larger but as it shrinks over time you need to adjust the band and more velcro allows more adjustability.  It is the only Organic cotton band offered in the line.  It benefits a charity that gives to women in need, which is a spectacular charity helping women financially during difficult times around their breast cancer diagnosis.

MG: You used the Belly Bandit for your pregnancies, what are the benefits of using the Belly Bandit postnatally?

RP: It helped me shrink my belly and waist and added support to the back and legs which accelerated the healing process at the same time as helping me to take off inches.  I also felt so much more confident in my regular clothes as it streamlines the silhouette. I also loved to work out in it because it reminded me to utilize my core muscles helping to gently persuade muscles back together.  But most of all it gave me confidence knowing that even after 3 kids I could still have my waist back!

belly bandit

MG:  moms are looking to snap back to their pre-baby bodies. What’s one of your favorite exercises to do using the Belly Bandit?

RP: Taking a brisk walk, hike or even a run.  I’m a big believer in the 20 min run, five times a week.  If you can force yourself to do it, it really works!

MG: How long should one use the product and how many hours a day should she wear it?

RP: This is a scenario where the more the merrier when it comes to hours and days! I noticed the longer I wore it for during the day the faster my results came…by my third child I wore it for 8 weeks day and night only taking it off to shower and to curl up and cuddle with my little ones!


MG: It’s World Breast feeding month and research shows that breast feeding reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. We also know that breast feeding also helps to contract the uterus back to its normal size after birth. Would you recommend new moms wear the Organic Belly Bandit during feedings?

RP: Many find it great for back support during breast feeding.  I found it really helped my posture during pumping.

MG: What’s your hope for this new partnership and breast cancer awareness? 

RP: That women do two things for themselves. Firstly they get something that is really going to make a difference in their lives and secondly that they are going to make a difference in somebody else’s for the good.  The more we band together as a community of moms rather than a competitive group the better.

MG: What’s next for you Rosie?

RP: I am so excited we just relaunched shopping on my website   for an amazingly easy experience, free two day shipping if you have amazon prime and a whole host of amazing products from maternity clothing and diaper bags to those that support pregnancy, non-toxic beauty and even more for your baby.  Also, I am so proud to announce that I’m launching Rosie Pope BABY (layette to 2 years old) in March 2014!!!!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Rosie thank you so much! This is an incredible product for a wonderful cause. We fully support you.

For more info on Rosie Pope visit: Rosie Pope and purchase your Organic Belly Bandit 

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