ABC Baby Welcomes Spring Toys!


Handcrafted Kitten, Puppy, & Snail

Handcrafted Kitten, Puppy, & Snail

When I think of Spring I am reminded of newly budding flowers, warmer days, and baby animals! ABC Carpet & Home Baby department & Mama Glow welcome Spring with an edit of fun toys that evoke the spirit and beauty of the season. We’ve selected toys that are high quality, unique, and that tell a story. We love this cat and dog by Nook Nook handcrafted in Thailand. And these one-of-a-kind Snails made in England. 

Animals on the Farm

Animals on the Farm: Sheep, Piggy, Ducky, Bunny

Make a socially responsible statement with your little one’s toys. Teaching children from a very early age about the interdependence of the animal kingdom and the world around us, the Nook Nook Piggy stuffed animals are handmade in a family-run workshop in Thailand. With a subtly stylized, arts-and-crafts feel, the animals are accessible for youngsters while still showcasing the wonder of nature. The Hansa Duck and Sheep are handcrafted by local artisans in Pampagna, Philippines in a sweatshop-free, chemical-free environment devoted to social and global responsibility. Proceeds go to wildlife organizations.

Exotic Animals memory game, White monkey, & Geometric puzzle

Exotic Animals memory game, Little Lamb, & Wooden Mandala puzzle

Who needs an iPad when you can play the Eboo Memory game and learn about the world’s animals or explore the rudiments of sacred geometry with a wooden mandala puzzle made with natural non-toxic dyes. The Jellyfish Little Lamb is a super soft and furry friend who makes any nursery complete.

Shoenhut Guitars and canvass storage basket

Schoenhut Guitars and canvass storage basket

When the weather is warmer we naturally want to spend more time outside. Springtime is for running barefoot in the park and having playdates! Foster the music lover in your little one with a 6-string Schoenhut guitar. If you need stylish storage for all of the toys, try the ABC Home Collection storage bins. Crafted in France, this spacious bin is a pretty spot to store toys, blankets, and childhood essentials.


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