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7 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Breastfeeding Space at Home

| August 22, 2021

Deciding to breastfeed opens up many wonderful benefits to both mom and baby. You’ll be spending many precious hours alone with your infant throughout each day and night with this commitment. Although, breastfeeding is no easy feat and it can quickly become exhausting when juggling your responsibilities around the clock. Take hold of your journey in motherhood this Breastfeeding Awareness Month and construct a lifestyle that works for you now or before baby arrives. No matter if you’re on the go or at home, the key to making this experience easy and enjoyable is personalized comfort.

A room specially intended for nourishing your baby at home will undoubtedly help you take plenty of joy in these moments. This is one of the best ways you can fully prepare to care for your baby as you gather necessities. As you’re designing your space, this can soon become your time to relax where you and your baby can form a strong bond together.

Discover how these seven tips can help you create a cozy space to make your breastfeeding experience a positive one.

1. Find Your Space

The first step to creating a breastfeeding space is to dedicate a room for it. Think of it as an oasis where you and your baby can take a step away from all of the stress and noise. You’ll want to ensure that it provides you with sufficient space and privacy for the quality time of bonding with your baby. Many parents find it helpful to build an extra bedroom by refinancing their home not only to have a space for mother’s breastfeeding needs but also for baby to grow up in and save money on childcare costs. This financial cushion also allows you to take cash out for improving a nursery with home renovations that best fit your situation. The last thing you want as a new mother is to feel financially restricted throughout the years. There are many ways to learn how to further balance a budget as a growing family to make it a worry-free experience.

2.   Set Up Your Room for Breastfeeding

Depending on what you fill up your space with can make a big difference. Look into necessary supplies and furniture that have helped other mothers. Once you set up a serene environment, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to attain your goals. The importance of this room is to have peace and quiet along with everything you need close by. This way, you will have no problem focusing on caring for your baby. You can also use this time to stay organized with a baby tracker for your schedule. Remember, the early days of learning the ropes of newborn feeding don’t require toys for the baby.

3. Be Mindful of the Essentials

As a busy mother, it can be easy to forget even the simplest of things! You don’t want to take your hands off the baby if something you need was left in the other room. Make a list of amenities to help the space be more efficient. Everything you need should be within arm’s reach. Consider a sturdy side table that can hold a basket of nursing supplies including nursing pads, hand sanitizer, nipple cream, nipple shield, paper towels, and multipurpose muslin cloths. Keep this restocked constantly! Additionally, try to sit near a power outlet and trash can, and away from air vents to ensure you’re most comfortable.

4. Self-Care

While it’s crucial to make sure your baby is comfortable and latched properly, don’t forget about your own self-care while breastfeeding as well. Maybe it will be your favorite time to watch an exciting TV show, listen to music or a podcast, read a book, or even meditate. Bring snacks and beverages with you, your phone or laptop, and a clock to keep you productive. Nursing pillows and blankets can help you find your most comfortable position when you’re first getting the hang of things. While these may seem less important, they can truly make each breastfeeding session successful.

5. Include Cozy Furniture

A comfortable chair is a necessity for at-ease breastfeeding. Whichever you prefer, it could be a plush chair, glider rocker, or even a small couch. Keep in mind options for rocking and swiveling to help you be more mobile. You’ll also want to get a chair made with easy-to-clean material as it is going to be used quite often and babies can make messes. Once you have this picked out, you can add more furniture to decorate the room design. You can also add an ottoman or footrest to maintain your nursing posture and simply kick your feet up once in a while.

6. Utilize Soft Lighting

Properly lighting a room can make or break the environment all-around. Stay with warm, dimmable lights to achieve that cozy vibe. At nighttime, rather than using harsh overhead lighting, use a lamp and include a nightlight too. This can help you achieve that warm and cozy atmosphere while still allowing you to see clearly breastfeed in confidence. During the day, you can take advantage of natural sunlight coming in from the windows.

7. Surround Yourself with Support

One of the most helpful things you can do as a new mother is to connect with your partner and other mothers. Take the time to educate yourself often with breastfeeding courses, join Facebook communities and groups for breastfeeding and parenting, and even speak with a lactation counselor to help you along the way. Especially during times like these, you’re not alone and there are countless support systems available for mental health and guidance through any hardships. Resources including affordable therapy, helpful apps, and informative podcasts are in the palm of your hand to see that you have a successful breastfeeding journey.

If you’re a new mother or have been through the breastfeeding process before, you know it can be challenging. But it’s a rewarding part of motherhood! With a few essentials, you can create your very own comfortable breastfeeding space in your home. Whether you decide to choose the extra room in your house or design a nursery for your baby to enjoy growing up in, the goal is for the space to be as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. You’ll be embracing baby cuddles and easily cherish these relaxing moments each day.

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