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6 Body Positivity Activities to Help Love Your Body Unconditionally

Chloe Taylor | September 21, 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling dissatisfied with your own body, then you are not alone. Nearly every woman on this planet has had issues with her body at some point in her life, which can be even more common among new mothers who are struggling with scars and stretch marks, loose skin or newly gained weight. However, all of these aspects are part of who we are, and are beautiful in their own way, especially after the wonderful journey they’ve been through. If you’re struggling with a negative body image, here are some body positivity activities that might help you fall in love with your body once again:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror objectively

Stand in front of a mirror, look closely at your entire body, and then comment on the things you see. However, these comments need to be as neutral and objective as possible, almost as if a stranger has stated facts about you. “Your stretch marks are there because you gave birth to a new life,” “You have a full head of gorgeous natural hair” or “That smile is so warm, inviting and kind.” State the facts as you see them, and compliment your body while doing so. This exercise will help you realize that your body is just that – a body worthy of love and appreciation, instead of a defining character trait.

2. Practice positive affirmations daily

A negative body image most commonly stems from your own mindset – when you constantly repeat negative thoughts to yourself, in time you start believing in them as well, even though they might not represent the objective truth. In order to shift your mindset, start practicing positive affirmations daily, whether that means saying kind things to yourself in the mirror or putting an encouraging reminder on your phone. Once you repeat those positive affirmations often enough, you will allow your brain to think more optimistically as well, and finally be on the path towards self-love and acceptance.

3. Take proper care of your body

You simply can’t expect to feel good in your body if you don’t treat it right. For instance, if you’re a busy new mom who’d rather replace her meals with convenient yet unhealthy fast food, let go of that negative habit by going on a healthy lunch out with your mom friends, and see your mood instantly improve. If you’re currently going through menopause, on the other hand, and are hindered by fatigue, hot flashes and mood swings, then in might be a good idea to consider probiotics menopause supplements to nurture your body with beneficial vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will allow you to feel at ease. Remember to take good care of your body, and it will always repay you.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

If you’re having trouble finding the positivity inside yourself, make it a point to surround yourself only with your most positive and encouraging friends and family. When you’re in the company of those who love you just the way you are, and who cherish the importance of your authentic self, your own opinion will quickly change as well. You will trust them and be more willing to accept their compliments, ultimately boosting your own confidence. What’s more, you might also be more inclined to return the favor, helping to spread positivity and support to others.

5. Construct a good self-care ritual

Self-care is essential for both a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset, which can be especially true when you’re a modern mom with a busy schedule. Not only will a specific ritual devoted only to you allow you to get some much-needed alone time, but it will also teach you how to start loving yourself and your body from the inside out. So, try to practice a relaxation technique at the end of the day, develop an enjoyable and energizing exercise routine, or even pamper yourself with skincare and a warm bath. No matter what you opt for, just make sure your ritual is fulfilling enough to make your body feel deserving of that extra attention.

6. Let go of unrealistic body expectations

Finally, it’s imperative to let go of those high expectations you’ve set for yourself and the unattainable ideas of how your body is supposed to look. Whenever you flick through a magazine or scroll through Instagram, keep in mind that the vast majority of those pictures are photoshopped. The reason you can’t have the same body as those perfect women is because their bodies don’t look like that either; social media isn’t real life. Instead of fixating on those unrealistic images, set attainable goals for yourself, and work towards them. And most importantly, never give up on loving and appreciating the skin you were born in.

Final Thoughts

Self-love doesn’t happen overnight; it requires time, hard work and an incredible amount of optimism. Thankfully, practicing these body positivity activities on a daily basis will allow you to become stronger and more self-confident, and lead you to the path of unconditional love and acceptance, whether you’re currently struggling with postpartum body issues or menopausal changes.

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