5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe While Biking


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Post by: A Mother of All Trades – Jenn Kelly

Learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone for little ones. Bike riding helps keep them entertained and provides them with fresh air and exercise. But riding a bike comes with responsibility for the young rider, and the parent. These 5 basic guidelines to follow will keep your child safe, and allow you as the parent  to be at ease while your precious child is not in your visual sight.

Teach Your Child the Rules of the Road

Teaching your kids to be safe when they are in your presence is so important. You want your children to be aware of their surroundings. A few key points you can go over with your child are:

  • Always keep both hands on the handlebars
  • Look both ways when crossing the street, and make sure to stop before you cross to ensure no other vehicles or pedestrians are coming.
  • When riding where there are no sidewalks, make sure to stay in the bicycle lane.
  • Stop at all traffic safety stops such as stop signs, and red lights.
  • Never ride against traffic, only with traffic.
  • It is safest to walk your bike across the street, opposed to riding it, depending on age and skill level.
  • When riding with friends, make sure to ride in a single file line.
  • Avoid hazards such as potholes, wet leaves, curbs, and more.
  • Use hand signals when riding in trafficked areas.

Wear a Helmet

Getting a child to wear a helmet  can be a daunting task in itself. That’s where Nutcase Helmets comes in. They make stylish helmets for all size heads, in a variety of colors and designs. The magnetic buckle which is standard on every helmet, makes one-handed operation a cinch. The best part for kids and adults alike, is there is no chance of pinching! A fitted helmet is important. Oddy assists in making sure your helmet is on properly, and warns you if it is not.

Safety Gear

Safety gear accompanied with a helmet ensures your little rider is safe even if accidents happen to occur. My top pick in kid safety gear is JBM Children Cycling Protetective Pads. These pads can easily be bought on Amazon and are Prime Eligible! They are suitable for all children and they come in a variety of colors. They come standard with a 1-year warranty, and the set includes wrist guard, knee pads & elbow pads. The best part is they can be used for all activities requiring protective equipment, not just cycling!

Be Seen and Be Heard

Being seen at all times is important for little ones. It’s not always easy to  see a small child riding a bicycle. Keeping them bright, and loud is key! L.L. Bean offers great light, mirror, and bell sets to keep your child visible and audible. The mirror is easily mountable to any bike and helps your little rider to see what is behind them without having to turn around, and possibly swerve. The lights in this set blink a red and white bright LED that will help others see them from a mile away. The lights can run for up to 100 hours with the included battery. And the patented Incredibell has enough volume to let people know your little cyclist is coming ahead.

Get Gadgets

Oddy is the newest gadget on the block to keep kids safe, and parents in the know! Oddy’s versatile mounting parts allow it to be mounted on your child’s helmet, bike, scooter, and more! Oddy comes equipped with safety features no other product on the market has. This device has an embedded sensor and wireless technology that keeps you connected to your child at all times. Oddy has features such as a Pre-Ride Safety check, LED Lighting that adjusts with the atmospheric light changes, Cycling location tracking, a Fall and Crash Response Assistance Feature, and more!  

Visit Oddy online to participate in their pre-order sale October 9th.

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