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5 Things We Love About Flora’s New Iron Supplement, Ferritin+

| May 29, 2021

Being immersed in the world of maternal health, we are constantly searching for products that support optimal wellness for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. We are really excited about a new supplement that all of us need to be taking, regardless of where you fall on the reproductive continuum. Brought to you by Flora, a fourth generation family-owned wellness company, is a new iron supplement called Ferritin+. Believe it or not, iron is one of the supplements categories that hasn’t changed since the 1950’s, but Ferritin+ is a new solution that helps you build up your body’s natural iron stores, supporting overall health. With 1 in 4 women affected by iron deficiency, it’s the most common nutritional disorder in the world. Why is iron so important? Well, it helps boost your energy levels, improve your mood, help with concentration, healthy hair and nails and so much more. It’s foundational for pregnancy and fetal development. Are you looking for an iron supplement to carry you through pregnancy? We are obsessed with Ferritin+ and here’s why:

Digests + Protects Your Gut

Unlike other formulas on the market, Ferritin+ is plant-based and encased in pea protein, so it will not hurt your tummy or cause gut damage, which is really important for those taking prenatal vitamins that contain iron. So many of us suffer constipation during pregnancy and during the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle due to increased levels of progesterone. Traditional iron supplements cause constipation because there is low absorption, so the last thing you want to take is an iron supplement that is only going to exacerbate constipation and bloating. Sensitive tummies are often caused by iron traditional supplements, contributing to morning sickness in pregnant people, which makes it hard for people to keep up with their supplement routine.  Remember, it’s not only about how much iron you take, it’s about how much your body actually absorbs… and Ferritin+ has a high rate of absorption. As a plant-based iron supplement with unparalleled bioavailability, it’s clinically proven to increase ferritin iron levels without gut irritation, constipation, or cellular damage. An overall win!

It’s Plant-Based, Organic and Vegan!

While Ferritin+ is effective at correcting iron deficiency and the related side effects from lethargy to brain fog, it’s been clinically proven to be as effective as animal protein-based iron. This is critical for all of us, particularly those who are plant-based. There is always a push for those who are iron deficient to default to red meat and iron pills, but why not get your absorbable iron from where the animals get it, from the plants! This formula is also organic and gluten-free. It’s an excellent supplement for those on a plant based diet who may have suboptimal  iron levels.  

Boosts Energy and Supports Mental Clarity

If you are looking for a solution for your foggy thinking and lack of focus, try Ferritin+ to boost your iron stores. The results can be felt in the matter of a few days. While some iron supplements may leave you feeling energized in the short term, they can’t help you boost and store your ferritin iron, leaving you reliant. Ferritin+ gives you the life-changing tools your body needs to actually store your iron, increase your red blood cell count, and provide oxygen to your organs, making you feel more energized, clear headed, and stable… all by your own magical self! (Just like nature intended.) With a daily simple capsule, taking your health back with Ferritin+ is choosing a solution over a Band-Aid in the hopes that one day you might not even need it anymore. 

Helps Prevent Anemia 

Ferritin is a blood protein that stores iron, releasing it when your body needs it. Ferritin usually lives in your body’s cells, and very little actually circulates within the blood. When your levels are insufficient and can’t meet the demands of the body, the level of iron in the blood drops, resulting in iron stores becoming depleted. Then ferritin levels decrease. Low iron leads to iron deficiency and if left untreated, anemia develops. Increasing your iron levels has been proven to greatly increase mental clarity, memory, long-term stable energy levels, oxygenated blood and organ support as well as curbing  neurodegeneration. Taking Ferritin+ can help the body manage iron levels.

It’s Backed by Science 

We love that Flora is a family-owned company that is 4 generations strong when it comes to herbal medicine. They have been one of the few supplement companies that has invested in evidence-based research to ensure safety and efficacy of their products. We’ve been big fans of their products for years (from Udo’s Oils to their probiotics) and now we have Ferritin+, a plant-based iron supplement that we can say truly works! Flora understands and is guided by the power of nature and bridges the gifts of Mother Nature with science. With 11 patents and three comprehensive clinical trials, Ferritin+ is a stand alone product in its category. 

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